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SPN Darkside: The Evolution of Sam Winchester



I’ve been thinking quite a bit lately about Sam’s evolution in the series. There are three points I want to touch on.

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SPN_Darkside Sunday Discussion


Join me over at spn_darkside for Sunday Discussion:What’s Dead Should Stay Dead

SPN 10.23: “Brother’s Keeper” Pic Review


You made Mexican food for Death? Why do you never make it for me? Is Death your new BFF, Dean? First Cas, then Benny, now Death?! WTF, Dean? Read the rest of this page »

SPN S10: The Road So Far

Sam and Dean Winchester

With the season ten finale just days away and the questionable “The Prisoner” [10.22] soundly in last week, I thought we’d look at the Road So Far” as they say and consider what has and hasn’t changed for the major players this season: Read the rest of this page »

SPN 10.21: “Dark Dynasty” Review

Sam and Dean Winchester

When I reviewed “Paint It Black” the previous offering from writing Brad Buckner and Eugenie Ross-Lemming, I said it was the most boring episode of Supernatural ever. With “Dark Dynasty,” they’ve lowered the bar further and written the dumbest episode ever. Filled with poor characterization, terrible dialogue, and lazy plotting, this episode had this viewer experiencing a gamut of emotions from stunned disbelief to unintended  hilarity. I can’t even feel anger anymore at the bad writing. They don’t deserve that much investment. Read the rest of this page »

SPN 10.20: “Angel Heart” Review

Sam, Claire, Castiel and Dean

After three relatively well-written, entertaining episodes, “Angel Heart” couldn’t have been much more of a letdown. A Monster of the Week episode that focused on Castiel’s relationship with the Novak family, it broke the pace of the build up to the season finale. Read the rest of this page »

SPN 10.19: “The Werther Project” Review

Sam Winchester

I think it would be difficult to argue that Robert Berens isn’t the best writer in the Supernatural stable at the moment. Berens came on board in season nine and has generally written tighter scripts that stick to canon events and characterization. That doesn’t make them faultless, and “The Werther Project” is no exception. Read the rest of this page »

SPN 10.18: “Book of the Damned” Review

Sam, Dean and Charlie

“Book of the Damned” was season ten’s second episode starring writer Robbie Thompson’s inimitable Charlie Bradbury. Not only is Charlie smarter than Sam and as brave as Dean, she’s a crack shot,  fights like a ninja, sews up her own gunshot wounds, and “friends” like a pro. She’s amazing – to an unrealistic degree. One of the things that has made Sam and Dean’s story believable is that they were raised to be hunters. John raised them as soldiers, but Charlie learned it all mostly on her own in just three years or so – I guess it was the all that guerrilla warfare in Oz. Read the rest of this page »

SPN 10.17: “Inside Man” Review

Dean Winchester

In contrast to what has been an often lackluster and disappointing season, “Inside Man” was well-paced and tightly writing by Andrew Dabb. From Sam reverently taking Bobby’s cap from his bag to Crowley’s showdown with Rowena, there were also some very satisfying moments Read the rest of this page »

SPN 10.16: “Paint It Black” Review

Dean Winchester

If you haven’t seen “Paint It Black,” I’d recommend you read this spoiler filled review and save yourself forty-two minutes of boredom. At the very least, fast-forward through the two secondary plot-lines for Sam and Dean’s story. I don’t normally make recommendations like that, but “Paint It Black” was the third season ten episode from writing partners Brad Buckner and Eugenie Ross-Leming, and one can only hope the last. Read the rest of this page »

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