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Unpopular Opinion: John Winchester

I wonder if those fans who love and respect John Winchester are more likely to be Dean fans and if that’s why it easier for them to accept his blind obedience to his father and why so many of them see Sam’s rebellion as ‘whiny’ and selfish.

Certainly my opinion of John increases my admiration for Sam who was a normal teenager who showed independence and a desire to make his own life. Sam was brave, I think, to stand up to his dad. Much as I love Dean, I see him as so beaten down and controlled by his dad that he was unable to have anything approaching normal.

I’m just just rambling, but I suspect I may be right — there’s probably a connection between how we view John and which brother we admire more. Any thoughts?

  1. deansmixtape answered: I’m a Deangirl and despise John for what he did to him.I admire Dean for being able to be the parent Sam needed despite what his Dad ordered.
  2. stupidity1919 answered: I admire and understand John and not how i view Dean but cause I know as soon as Sam gets to know more about his Dad&Mom, he will understand
  3. wonderfulcaricatureof-intimacy answered: Idk, I despise John what he did to his sons but I’m a Dean girl since the beginning. And I also like Sam for standing up against John.
  4. huntersons answered: I admire John, and I like both brothers in the same manner because they turned out well, no matter what John did or didn’t do. That’s just me
  5. rebelatnight answered: I feel there is a connection between the two. I don’t have a favourite so I see John as an ‘okay’ dad.
  6. ohmycavill answered: You may be right. I have a pretty…dismal…view of John though and I’m a Dean girl. That being said…I love Sam just as much as I do Dean.
  1. deathcomesdriving-deactivated20 asked: To springboard off your question: One of the first reasons I favored Dean over Sam was because he was making all the sacrifices. Also, the moment when John said “I’m proud of you” and that’s how Dean knew he was possessed was one of the first moments of SPN to make me feel like I’d been kicked in the stomach. He was so stunned; he’d NEVER heard those words. I don’t think Dean is lesser for being obedient to John though. I think to him it was what was best for the family at the time.

I don’t think Dean is lesser for being obedient, but I don’t think he really had a choice. I think he was so trained by John that he really couldn’t imagine behaving any other way. Dean is what made it possible for Sam to be a half-way normal kid. Without Dean … well, I don’t want to imagine the kind of person Sam would be. We see what he’s like when Dean isn’t around later, and it isn’t pretty.

I really, really despise John for the way he treated Dean. You’re right about that scene with possessed John. There’s a scene too where they are along the road and John looks over at the Impala and tells Dean that he wouldn’t have given it to him if he’d known he wasn’t going to take care of it. It’s a pointlessly cruel comment, and I realized that is the kind of criticism Dean has gotten from his dad his entire life. Dean worked so hard to make his father proud of him, but nothing he did was ever good enough. That’s where the comment when he was crying over Sam’s body about always letting down the people he loved came from. I don’t understand how the fans who love John can not see how badly he fucked Dean up.


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