Supernatural meta, reviews & fic recs

the fright factor

I really miss Supernatural being scary. It used to be dark and creepy with unknown monsters just around the corner. Rarely do we get that these days. Generally we get predictable threatening demons or equally threatening angels, which for me are becoming kind of ho-hum to be honest.

Even worse, season 7 gave us the Sucracorp corporate offices. Baddies in business suits. A little creepy maybe but hardly terrifying. I get the premise. We should be frightened of faceless conglomerates that control our food. Monsanto, anyone?

Then S8 gave us Naomi officious middle manager in a sterile office. Yeah, yeah, the faceless bureaucrats who really run things according to some rote “this is how we’ve always done it/these are the rules” mentality. It’s the “a little power is a dangerous thing” premise. Again, creepy, but not terrifying.

No, Supernatural was scary when it was up close, dark and personal. It was frightening when the threat was close to the boys, when they were in haunted houses and asylums, in moonlit orchards and graveyards, when it was Sam and Dean against vampires and strigas not corporate moguls and petty bureaucrats.


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