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Episode 8.01: What About Kevin?

Looking back at the way Sam behaved in Mystery Spot and when Dean was in Hell — he lost it, went off the rails. He was a danger to himself and others. He became a stone cold hunting machine, almost like soulless!Sam. So this time when Dean disappears, he shuts down emotionally. I think it was an unconscious defense mechanism to prevent him from becoming that dangerous killer. If you look at how he behaved in last night’s ep, he’s still emotionally detached. The things that he said about why he wasn’t hunting sounded to me like rationalizations. Sam after all is very rational, pragmatic, so he had to have reasons for not hunting. It was as though he was trying to convince himself as much as Dean. But he knew emotionally, but not consciously, that if he looked for Dean or answered the calls or went on a hunt, he’d be on that train to self-destruction just like before. So, instead, he shut down emotionally. He had to “not care” or not feel how much he cared, that he was okay with Dean being gone, Kevin and civilians being in danger. That’s my theory.

Oh, and Amelia — holy shit, how much do they want us to hate her? She was completely unprofessional in the way she talked to Sam. She was manipulative and bullying. Remind us of anyone? Ruby, maybe? (superficially resembles Ruby 2.0 even) I don’t think Amelia’s evil in the literal sense, but I do think that she will in a way serve a similar purpose as Ruby did. I remember Jared, I think, saying that Amelia is also ‘broken’ like Sam, but she helps him get through that year, and that Sam was happy but not “happy” during that time. So, I get the feeling that while over all Amelia is good for Sam, she doesn’t actually make him happy. She gives him stability and focus, I’m guessing. But he leaves her, as we saw, so ultimately, it doesn’t work out.

I’m actually really excited about Dean’s storyline. I like it a lot. Taking Dean to Purgatory I think was brilliant. There he is with Cas who has gotten him out of dozens of tight spots, but Cas can’t do it this time. Dean, it looks like, was on his own fighting monsters for months, and then he makes an unholy alliance with a monster. It goes against the grain, but he feels he doesn’t have a choice, if he wants to get out. This is an awesome scenario to start.

So he’s back, and the monster is out too. Dean keeps it from Sam. Now, I was kind of annoyed when I heard in spoilers that Dean was going to keep it from Sam, because we’ve had it up to here with Sam and Dean lying to each other. I know — tiresome. *rolls eyes* But it makes sense. Sam didn’t look for Dean, and Dean is stunned and hurt by that. He doesn’t understand why Sam wouldn’t look for him. So, no, he doesn’t confide to Sam that a vampire helped him escape. It makes sense. I just hope that the writers do something new and interesting with the boys working things out.

Dean and Benny. Interesting. I’m wondering if Benny will turn out to be a kind of Gordon Walker character. He and Dean have shared a lot of experiences and those experiences have left their mark on both. They are also having to re-integrate into life, and that is going to prove to be tricky I think for these two scarred guys. All of these things are going to draw them together at some point, and that’s probably when Sam will find out. He isn’t going to like or trust Benny, I’m guessing, much as he didn’t Gordon. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out.

Overall, I’m a lot more interested in Dean’s storyline than Sam’s, which is too bad because I love Sam, but they’ve chosen to give Dean an action/adventure storyline and Sam a domestic/civilian one. That’s kind of disappointing to me.


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