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Thoughts on Sam and Season 9

We’ve hardly seen anything but addicted, soulless, damaged, half-crazy, sick Sam for so long … Can we not have healthy, head on straight Sam for awhile? I want all in, on top of his game Sam. We saw him for a hot second in S8 when he first took on the trials, but of course that didn’t last.

Spoilers suggest that Sam will be miraculously healed at the beginning of S9, but that will only lead to more lies/secrets on Dean’s part. If that’s not an overused plot device, I don’t know what is. Carver has basically said that he sees the boys as compulsive liars, so they’re going to keep that up. *sigh* Okay, but seriously, not interesting anymore. It’s just frustrating and kind of boring.

I thought that Gamble was leading them out of the habit of lying to one another with the Amy Pond plot line. Dean admitted to Sam that lying to him didn’t feel right, and that seemed like a step in the direction of being honest. One would think that by now they would learn that lying or keeping secrets always leads to bigger problems down the road.

I don’t know, Carver said last season that the year apart would mature the guys, but I’m not seeing it. Other than Dean doing more hugging, they seem pretty much the same. I guess we’ll see how things shake out in S9. If Sam is miraculously cured and there’s something about that Dean is keeping a secret, that sure doesn’t bode well for Sam or their relationship.

I know I’m destined to another season without what I want: Sam and Dean both (mostly) healthy, working as a


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