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Fic Rec: Cartharsis

This fic was an entry in the SPN summergen fic exchange, and there isn’t much about it that I don’t love, except that it could have benefited from a good beta. It starts immediately in the season 8 finale with Sam finishing the trials to close the gates of hell. Where it follows Dean into a dreamlike state rich with imagery and memories, hopes and fears. It’s one of those fics that makes me think that the fans have superior imaginations to the actual writers of the show.


Recipient: mymuseandi
Rating: PG-13 for fantasy-style horror
Wordcount: ~6,700
Warnings: Show levels of violence and horror
Author’s Notes: Takes place during and directly after 8X23, Sacrifice. It is an AU ending for that episode. Inspired by mymuseandi’s Prompt #2.
Summary: Sam finishes the trials, trapping Dean on an alternate plane where he must fight a battle that will change the Winchesters forever.


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