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Another Terrible Dean Moment: The Girl Next Door (6.21)

We love our Dean, but sometimes …

First Blog Part 1

Dean doesn’t kill anyone in this scene, he actually does something arguably worse. For context: Ben & Lisa are the mother and son pair that Dean spent time with during the period between season 5 and season 6. In season 6 Dean leaves them. Dean’s enemies eventually kidnap the pair, forcing Sam and Dean to swoop in to the rescue. During the course of the rescue, Lisa is gravely injured.

Dean calls in some angelic favors and gets her magically healed. But he then takes it one step further and magically erases Lisa and Ben’s memories of their time with him. He then leaves, feeling properly sorry for himself. When Sam calls out how screwed up this was, he threatens Sam with violence. How dare Sam question him?! 

My problem with this scene is twofold: first, Dean arranged this without the pair’s knowledge or consent. He basically brain damaged them…

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