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The Worst Part of Supernatural (spoilers): Season 7 Episode 3

Dean’s killing of Sam’s friend Amy Pond continues to be a bone of contention. blogjake has some great thoughts on it.

First Blog Part 1

I’ve watched seven seasons of Supernatural by now and my least favorite part parallels my post about Sam killing a demon. The setup for this scene is that there’s a monster killing people. Sam recognizes the murders from a case he worked as a child, so he sets off to find the monster. It turns out that the monster befriended him as a child, and even saved his life. When he finds the monster, named Amy Pond, she confesses she was living by preying on the dead but was forced to murder people to save her dying son. Given that she limited her murders to criminals seems to console Sam, and the fact that she killed her own mother to save him, and he lets her leave after promising to kill no one else now that her son has recovered. She leaves with her son and Sam explains to Dean…

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