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Supernatural (spoilers): The Spinoff Season 8

This explains it all …

First Blog Part 1

I’m halfway through season 8 and one thing I’ve noticed is that it seems like the Winchesters are traveling to other tv shows.

It started with  s08e12 “As Time Goes By”:

This episode introduces into the Supernatural pool more than another Winchester Grandpa, but introduces the Men of Letters. The Men of Letters, heretofore unmentioned because they were exterminated in 1958, were a missing component to the Supernatural universe: they were wizards. Prior to this season, there have been Anti-Christs, Psychics, and Witches, but never full-on Harry Potter wizards. The the Men of Letters are Mad Men meets Gandalf. Henry Winchester even gathers components for a spell including a feather of an angel and the sands of time. And where does he get these? From a magic store.

I’m not saying I didn’t enjoy it, but it feels like a late expansion to the universe that feels forced because they’ve…

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