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Supernatural Re-watch, S1E1: Pilot

Fullmetal Feminist is doing a re-watch of Supernatural with synopsis and interesting commentary. I will be reblogging for those of you interested in a review of the series.

Fullmetal Feminist

The unimaginatively-named “Pilot” was the first episode of Supernatural, premiering on the WB network (since subsumed into the CW network, where SPN now lives) on September 13, 2005.


Starting with a flashback to 1983, we get the backstory for Sam and Dean.  Sam’s six months old, and Dean’s not yet five, living in Lawrence, KS.  Up in the middle of the night, Mary (their mother) screams from Sam’s room, bringing John (dad) at the run.  Coming into the room, he finds nothing apparently wrong – until he notices Mary flat against the ceiling, gut-knifed and bleeding.  As he watches, she catches fire.  Dad hands the baby to Dean, telling him to run, but is unable to save Mary, driven back by the fire.

Back in 2005, we catch up with Sam, now in pre-law at Stanford, with a live-in girlfriend called Jess.  In what will be an ongoing…

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