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Supernatural Re-watch, S1E2: Wendigo

Fullmetal Feminist

Second episode of the show to be aired, September 20, 2005. 


The teaser gives us a park in Colorado – the temperate rainforests of Colorado, of course – where a group of young men are camping backcountry, but not so far back that one of them can’t be sending his daily video home.  Others are playing with their handheld games.  Soon, scaryfast shadow-monster (mmm, cheap effects, chuckles the producer to himself, and fingers his BMW keys), and bye-bye, dude.  Brad, we hardly knew ya.

At least he got a name.

Cut to Palo Alto, and Sam in a nice suit approaching a gravestone marked for his fridged girlfriend (hey, hero’s gotta have a reason to hero, right?).  He’s got flowers.  While he woobies about the pain of surviving her untimely and Sam-related death, a dirty hand rises Carrie-like out of the ground, grabbing Sam by the wrist.


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