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SPN 9.05: Review Dog Doo Afternoon

Sam and Dean in the bunker

Dog Dean Afternoon, written by Eric Charmelo and Nicole Snyder, (to give credit or blame where it’s due) started out with the boys in the bunker and then …

what's that smell

“What’s that smell?”

“That’s the script, Sammy.” That’s how I heard the line anyway.

I know this was supposed to be a comedic episode. I know that because the intro montage showed us moments from Changing Channels, Yellow Fever, and other classic comedic episodes, so we wouldn’t think they were being serious when Dean barked at the mail carrier or hung his head out the car window. They were reminding us of how the show used to be funny when it was funny.

 a dog teaches Dean a thing about classic rock

“Dennis DeYoung is a punk.”

Maybe I’m being too hard on them. There was a funny moment – when the Colonel called Dean out on a Foreigner ballad and Styx not being classic rock. I don’t know how many times Scruffy and I have groaned over Dean’s taste in music. Just because a song is from the ‘70s, that doesn’t make it classic rock. So, yeah, that was funny, but by the time I got to Dean hitting on the standard poodle, especially when we later learn that Dean has a dog’s sense of smell, ah no, no no no. You can only find this stuff funny if you don’t think about it too much or at all really.

Okay, so, I’m moving through this episode really quickly because we don’t need to linger over this steaming pile of craptastic.

Do I need to mention cultural appropriation here? The villain is a British chef using Native American shamanism to get the attributes of various animals to counteract his cancer. Really? ‘nuf said? Moving on.

In the key scene, the villain tangles with Sam and slashes Sam’s throat with his claws. Sam starts to bleed out, but Ezekiel comes forward and heals the wound. The villain is of course shocked and asks what Sam is. He then knocks out the weakened Sam and prepares to eat him in order to take on his amazing healing ability. He also gets the drop on Dean and ties Dean up, but Dean gets loose. Dean sniffs out the villain’s cancer, and the villain eats a wolf heart because, you know, wolves trump dogs.

Dean had earlier released all the dogs from the shelter, and he sicks the dogs on the baddie chef cum shaman. The villain runs but encounters a chain link fence, which he forgets that he should be able to climb I guess because wolves can’t climb? I don’t know. It doesn’t have to make sense, people. The dogs rip him apart. Yeah.

Sam's dubious face

Sam’s dubious face

Que end of show, discussion over the roof of the Impala. Sam doesn’t understand why the villain asked him what he is. Really? He remembers that, but he doesn’t remember or doesn’t think it’s important that he had his throat slashed, nearly bled to death, and woke up covered in blood, but he doesn’t have a scratch on him? And when Dean is obviously being the lying liar who lies, Sam just doesn’t question it when Dean says, “trust me.”

Dean lies to Sam some more

Dean aka lying liar who lies

Dean looks around in a classic can’t look Sam in the eye because he’s telling an enormous fish story way. Really? Sam knows Dean better than anyone and it doesn’t take personal experience to detect the whopper Dean is telling. So why does Sam not call him on it? Because as Scruffy keeps telling me, it’s in the script. Oh, right.

Dog Dean Afternoon moves the boys closer to the big blow up when Sam discovers not only that Dean betrayed his trust but has been lying to him for weeks about it. Here we are plodding toward the angst and likely estrangement … again. Is it just me or does it feel like we’ve been here before? I hate to mix my animal metaphors, but this show is starting to feel like a one trick pony.


5 responses

  1. Althea

    No it’s not just you with the coming angst and estrangement and then probable get together and standing by the impala and talking of feelings and who hurt who and who was wrong. It is stale! We always end up here. Oh look same old things just some different backgrounds. This episode was awful and this show has indeed become a one trick pony.

    November 6, 2013 at 9:16 am

    • Right? It makes me sad. It’s like the writers have a formula that since it worked the first five or six times, they just keep repeating it.

      November 6, 2013 at 9:19 am

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  4. wolfeep

    To give credit or blame where it’s due <—- Yes lol
    There were some good parts, but then there were bad parts. I completely agree that if you weren't over-thinking the episode, it would have been funnier or more enjoyable to watch.Dean, the lying liar who lies lol Good recap. Laughed a bit, but only because my feelings sort of relate. Ready for tomorrow?

    November 11, 2013 at 5:15 pm

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