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SPN 9.08: Rock and a Hard Place

sleepy sam

You know what? I enjoyed Rock and Hard Place, so I’m not going to spend a lot of time picking it apart. It wasn’t meant to be deep or move the narrative forward much. It was fun and tense and a little scary.


As in Bad Boys, it was great to get Sam and Dean working together. There was no secondary story line to break up the flow of the narrative or distract from main characters. The fact that the boys are working so well together will just make it more heartbreaking for them both when the truth comes out and the shit hits the fan, but for now it was awesome seeing them working as a team.

Jody and Sam do research

It was also great to see Jody Mills again. As in Time After Time, she worked closely with Sam when Dean disappeared. They have a great chemistry. She’s like the surrogate mother Sam never had and the only character outside of Dean who Sam seems at all close to.

Sam and Dean working together

I won’t rehash the plot other than to mention the unlikely scenario of Sam and Dean infiltrating a chastity support group during the investigation. Sam explains that his relationships never end well, and while Dean’s description of sex is amusing in its affect on the women in the group, his confession that sex always ends in “adios” is anything but funny. When it comes down to it, both of the boys are unlucky with relationships.

Dean describes sex

While Dean may hate the “adios,” he still loves everything that comes before that. For the first time since his unfortunate hook-up with the Amazon on S7, he gets lucky. It turns out that Suzy the chastity counselor is a former Casa Erotica star. He knew he remembered her from somewhere. I have to say, I groaned at the taco reference though. While she had moved to a small town to get away from her former life, it doesn’t take much nudging from Dean for her toss her chastity out the window. Who could blame her? In the aftermath, she confesses that she “missed that.”

Dean and Suzy kiss

Coincidentally, the victims in this ep are taken to a barn – hey, wasn’t there a barn in Bad Boys? Anyway, they are being held in a cellar? Weird, but I don’t know of many barns with cellars that have manhole covers, but there you have it. Sam and Jody’s investigation reveals that the Roman goddess Vesta is abducting sinners and sacrificing them herself since no one does it for her these days. Danged hippie from Bethlehem!

Victim claws at the wall

The moment that got to me in this one was when one of the victims started clawing at a brick wall with her fingernails. If found myself with my hands balled into fists, and actually closed my eyes when the scene dragged on a little too long. It is rare for me to have a reaction like that, so I have to say, “well done” to Jenny Klein. I wonder if a male writer would have thought of torn and bleeding fingernails as a source of horror.

Sam is held together with duct tape and safety pins

Sam, of course, gets knocked out by Vesta who had been pretending to be one of the church ladies, complete with sweater set, and Jody does battle with her. Being a goddess, Vesta gets the better of Jody and ties her up to eat her liver. She had just driven a stake into Jody’s shoulder when Sam wakes up. She’s appalled and bewildered to find that Sam’s liver is worthless because he’s “held together with duct tape and safety pins.” Jody manages to get untied, pulls the stake out of her shoulder, and drives it through Vesta’s heart. Did I say that Jody is awesome? She is.

Jody kills Vesta

At the end, there was the traditional Sam and Dean conversation, this time in the plaid lined motel room. Sam is disturbed by Vesta’s words. He’s concerned that there’s something intrinsically wrong with him, but Dean assures him that it must be the after-effects of the trials. They’ll figure it out. When Sam is unconvinced, Dean starts to tell him the truth, but Ezekiel comes forward and tells Dean that he mustn’t tell Sam because Sam won’t survive if he ejects the angel from his body. Dean asks him how much longer it will be, and Ezekiel says not long.

Sam Winchester

The angel is unconvincing. The fact is that just a few weeks ago, Sam was running in the morning. Now, Dean finds him asleep with his head next to his cereal bowl on the table. Dean backs off at Ezekiel’s urging, but the situation appears to be degenerating. Instead of Sam getting better, he seems to weakening. Maybe it’s the result of Ezekiel resurrecting Castiel and Charlie, and healing Sam, or maybe it is something more.

The promo for next week suggests that things are about to come to head, and Ezekiel will show his true colors. Just in time for the shit to hit the fan before hiatus.


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