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Sam’s Demon Blood Revisited

chris648  at spoilertv asks “Is It Time to Revisit the Demon Blood?”

It’s an interesting question because Sam’s demon blood was dropped in S6-7, and as pointed out, fans began to think that maybe it had somehow been purged at some point. We discovered in S8 that Sam had felt the stain of the blood since he was a child and that he was being purged of it during the trials. Since he didn’t complete the trials, we can assume that he still holds the demon blood in his veins.

There’s a lot of potential in revisiting the demon blood issue with everything that has happened. After having a vampire for a best bud, one would think that Dean might reconsider his feelings about Sam using his powers. It wasn’t Sam’s use of his powers that was evil. It was drinking demon blood and listening to Ruby that led Sam down the  wrong path. My feeling is that Sam’s powers aren’t inherently evil.

As chris648 says, it is time that Sam become an active participant in the narrative again, and using his powers in the upcoming battles with demons and angels might be an interesting way for that to happen.



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