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Gadreel: Dupe or Master Manipulator?


There is no more Sam

“No more stupid angels.” That’s what Metatron said to Gadreel as he talked him into being his being his loyal hitman or so it appeared. The question that keeps going through my mind is whether that statement is ironic or true.

Is Gadreel playing dupe to Metatron as he apparently did to Lucifer? I wonder because Gadreel proved himself to be a master manipulator with Dean. So I question whether he is as gullible with Metatron as he appears. The fact is we don’t know for sure what happened with Gadreel and Lucifer, but seems to have learned from the best manipulator there is given the way he used Sam’s memories to control Dean. I find it difficult to believe that he doesn’t recognize the way he’s being manipulated by Metatron.

It looks as though he is in an “ends justify the means” frame of mind as Sam was in season four and Cas in season six, but Sam and Castiel were initially motivated by a desire to achieve something good – stop the apocalypse and prevent it from restarting. For Gadreel reopening Heaven is just a means to get his reputation restored with his fellow angels. His willingness to kill not only an enemy, but a stranger and a friend to achieve that end speaks volumes about his character, and to my mind, calls into question the way he painted himself as an innocent victim of Lucifer’s machinations.

I admittedly didn’t trust him from the moment that he convinced Dean to let him mind-wipe Sam. I’ve suspected that he had a personal agenda all along, but when he stopped Dean from telling Sam the truth and then said that there was no more Sam in “Holy Terror” indicated that he never intended to leave. Later in “Road Trip,” he told Dean that they could torture him all they wanted. He’d been through worse and had all the time in the world. He would wait them out. He’d locked Sam away in a corner of his own mind and had claimed Sam’s body as his own.

Why was having Sam as a vessel so important to him? We know that Sam was “made” to be Lucifer’s vessel. His body is presumably strong, powerful even. We don’t know what it would mean for an ordinary angel to have that vessel, but Gadreel was ruthless in his willingness to subsume Sam’s consciousness. He did heal Sam to some extent, but he apparently didn’t do it for Sam. He did it because he wanted that vessel for himself.

Gadreel is an intriguing characters, and I’m interested to see how his storyline plays out, what his underlying agenda and true motivations are as well as how his story fits into the overall season arc.



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  1. randrews25

    All good questions. I’d love the answer to them too.

    April 27, 2014 at 12:00 am

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