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SPN 9.23: I Can’t Even

Sam and Dean

“What happened with you being okay with this?” “I lied.”


You know what, guys? I sat down to re-watch the season nine finale of Supernatural, and I just couldn’t. I wanted to finish what I started with this season’s reviews, but nope. I couldn’t bring myself to sit through it again – the recycling of previous seasons and predictable ending were just too much. And the sheer bad writing? Dean punching Metatron instead of stabbing him when he had the chance? Seriously?

And the fan service … Metatron accusing Castiel of breaking the angel tablet, the the most powerful instrument in the universe, not for the angels or humanity but for Dean, and Castiel not denying it? Sheer fan service. Carver reversing roles in a direct plagiarism of the Sam’s dying scene in “All Hell Breaks Loose II” was just lazy, blatantly manipulative writing. Seriously. Another recycled scene.

I can’t even imagine how infuriated the fans are who thought this season was all about the toxic Winchester family dynamic and how it was going to be addressed. Nope again. In the end, Sam was willing to go to extreme measures to save Dean. He even tried to summon Crowley. Would he have been willing to sell his soul? We’ll never know. It didn’t come to that. Those inclined to sit through the season ten crapfest may find out how far Sam is willing to go to get his brother back, but not me.

Season eight, they fooled me once; season nine, shame on me. Short of Kripke returning to pull the show’s ass out of the fire, I’m done. There’s nothing much left of the Gothic horror genre show about two brothers traveling the country together fighting monsters. I’ll go back to my re-watch of the original series.


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  1. ciar

    It has to be said things are very bad when you are unable to analyse this episode and find some meta in it 😦 Your thoughtful episode analyses have been a lifeline to me this year, you gave the Winchesters’ behaviour the background and possible motivations that the show’s writers never bothered their arses to provide. If the show has upset and annoyed YOU this much then it really demonstrates how far it’s strayed from its original ethos.

    I share a lot of your grievances with S9 and this finale. It’s been compounded for me because I’ve been re-watching S1 & 2 recently and those seasons definitely had:
    1) an interesting story arc that was built on with each episode, and
    2) consistent characterisation that arose (more or less) organically from the plot, and
    3) a strong bond between the Winchesters that was evident even when they argued or differed in opinion as to the best tactics to use.

    These key things have been lacking more and more often from SPN, (in my mind, since early S4, and for a lot of other folks, since S5) but I think these key things have very clearly been missing since S8 and Carver’s decision to mess with a fundamental part of the show and the Winchesters’ relationship.

    Comparing early SPN and recent SPN is like comparing apples and oranges. It’s been very frustrating to watch as something I loved is being pecked to death by (what looks like) incompetence. I told myself I’d stay watching for as long as Jared and Jensen kept bringing the big guns, in terms of their acting, but even that is becoming harder for them to do. Because of how patchily their characters are being written it can often affect the Js’ performances and I hate seeing that happen.

    I’ll more than likely slog through S10 but I’m not looking forward to it and it have no faith in the writers any more so I’ll be watching each week from a more suspicious and cynical POV than I would like to have. I miss the days when summer couldn’t pass quickly enough for me to get seeing the new season of SPN. It feels like a lifetime ago lol.

    Thanks for your great meta posts – I thou roughly enjoy reading them!

    May 21, 2014 at 8:54 am

    • I agree with you, obviously. They’ve really lost touch with what made the show successful, and they’ve become sloppy and careless. It really does become apparent when you watch an early ep during the current season. It’s just not the same show. The quality has really gone downhill.

      I’d love to see a change in showrunner and/or major changes in the writing team. I don’t think there will be because apparently ratings are good, and that’s what’s important to the network.

      May 21, 2014 at 5:26 pm

  2. Didn’t get your bit about the fan service and angel tablet. Can you clarify?

    Also, feel free to keep up with my remixes. 😉

    May 21, 2014 at 8:57 am

    • ciar

      Hi Nate

      Hope it’s okay for me to chime in here 🙂 I agreed with Lia’s comment about fan service i.e. in the last 2 seasons it has increasingly felt like the writers are putting in moments to keep Destiel shippers happy. I don’t participate in fandom very much but it’s my understanding that Destiel fandom is huge on Tumbler & Twitter. That has not gone unnoticed by SPN’s writers, it would seem :/

      Btw, I read your reviews at your blog – I agreed with your analysis of the plot holes in 9.21 & 22. You have an amazing memory for detail 🙂

      May 21, 2014 at 9:05 am

    • Metatron’s comment that Castiel didn’t do it for humanity or the angels but for one man plays into the Destiel shipper fantasies that Dean and Castiel will actually hook up in season ten. If it doesn’t happen, they’ll scream queer baiting.

      May 21, 2014 at 5:27 pm

      • Ah gotcha now.

        I admit to being a bit annoyed that something like that inflames more passions than all the canon rape going on but to each their own… lol

        May 21, 2014 at 8:05 pm

  3. I can at least say I was glad it did not end with a scene of Sam summoning Crowley and Dean dead. That would have been way too predictable, then the opening of the next season would be Sam making some deal and saving Dean’s ass.

    They did surprise me with Metatron killing Dean. I have no idea how I expected that fight to go but I didn’t think Dean would die. Actually I guess I assumed they wouldn’t let him die because it would be recycling another storyline, because we know he wouldn’t be truly dead with another season coming up. So that actually might be a bad thing? I had too much faith in the show? lol

    As for fan service, do you mean the writers basically fed into the fan’s Destiel fascination? If so I caught that too. When Cas didn’t deny it I was like ‘woah, the Destiel folks will be happy I guess…’ . I think it was a cheap way to try and please fans and it was out of character for Cas. Normally Castiel would have said something in reply, he would have had some reasoning.

    May 21, 2014 at 2:56 pm

    • I didn’t predict that Metatron would kill Dean, but Dean becoming a demon seemed pretty likely to me. It could be a good storyline if I had faith in the writing team to do it justice.

      Yes, I was talking about the bow to Destiel.

      May 21, 2014 at 5:31 pm

  4. Percysowner

    I’m sorry you are so disappointed in the show. I have enjoyed reading your metas. I do understand why you feel this way. I’m still in for the long haul. I’m going to keep hoping that the point of all this is to deal with how the relationship has turned toxic. I actually don’t think Sam was going to make a deal. I think he was going to threaten Crowley into…Okay, I’m not sure what, possibly making Crowley not take Dean to Hell. Sam talked about MAKING Crowley fix this, which didn’t sound like deal time to me. It’s not a big difference, but baby steps and since Sam didn’t actually do it, that’s something for me.

    It’s odd. I actually liked a lot of SG did in season six and I think season seven had some good ideas that didn’t get executed well.(cough Sam insanity that turned into an itch palm cough!) In any case, I was pleased when Carver was named head writer because I liked so many of his scripts. He may have had some good ideas about examining the relationship between Sam and Dean, but execution was really bad what with horrific pacing and seasons that suddenly turned into something completely different from where they started with no discernible reason for the change. The lack of Sam POV was painful under Carver. I guess I’ll just keep hoping that he will pull it out in season 10. Lord knows, the ratings are great, so if he wants to stay after 10, he probably will. Oh well, hoping for the best, preparing for Sam to never talk about he feels, ever.

    May 22, 2014 at 12:26 am

  5. Pops

    I echo comments on here when I say your Metas have been the only thing that have kept me interested in this show during S9. Bad sloppy writing coupled with the sheer amount of fan service has left a bad taste in my mouth too. I will probs sit through S10, I’m sorry its come to you not wanting to watch what once a great show.

    May 29, 2014 at 12:34 pm

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