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That’s Why It’s Called Fiction!

derrida etcetera

As noted in the previous entry, tons of new material comes up basically as soon as I upload an episode, so here are some complementary notes, although I feel like those professors who make lists of suggested reading in the syllabus. It’s so endearingly hopeful of them.

0. Prologue

I have heard from many people that the introduction was confusing and hard to follow, but that doesn’t mean that the article about Gerard de Villiers that inspired it was. The description of the man’s study should be enough to entice:

He led me down a high-ceilinged hallway to his study, which also serves as a kind of shrine to old-school masculinity and kinky sex. I stood next to a squatting woman made of steel with a real MP-44 automatic rifle coming out of her crotch. “That one is called ‘War,’ ” de Villiers said…Classic firearms hung on the…

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