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Fic Recs

Fic: Shame

Title: Shame
Author: likiel
Genre: gen
Characters: Dean (POV), Sam (POV)
Rating: G
Word Count: 1540
Summary: If shame had a face it would be mine, but if it had a home it would be your eyes.
Notes: “Shame” follows the last scene of the episode 9×13. First person talk, each brother’s POV. The quote of Shame is inspired by the song “Sick Carousel – Lifehouse.



Fiction: the talk

What can I say? The end of “Sharp Teeth” left a bad taste in my mouth. I’d like to think that this is how things might have gone the next morning if the boys weren’t so emotionally constipated and inarticulate these days.

“I don’t get it …” Sam stopped and drummed his fingers on his denim-clad knee. He didn’t need to look across the Impala to know he had Dean’s attention. He could feel his brother’s eyes on him.

“What?” Dean asked. (more…)

Fic Rec: We All Fall Down

Author: monicawoe
Rating: R
Genre: Gen AU
Wordcount: ~7,400
Warnings: violence, disturbing imagery, hallucinations
Summary: John Winchester made a deal to save Dean’s life. When that deal is unexpectedly broken, John has to face the consequences. His family is torn apart, his own mind starts to crack, and the Apocalypse begins.

Read here.

Fic Rec: Who Says Brother

I really like this one. Sammy uses his big-ass brain, and there’s not enough of that on the show these days.

Who Says Brother
by agelade

Rating:  Language
Category: Gen
Word Count: 4k
Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester
Other:  Written for Safiya’s prompt
Summary:  After a series of hunts gone wrong, inexplicably made right again, Sam starts to come to some conclusions.  A Season Nine quicktime fic.

AO3      Tumblr

Fic Rec: Bittersweet and Lavender

Bittersweet and Lavender

Author: sowell
Rating: G
Wordcount: ~1,700
Warnings: None
Author’s Notes: In flower terms, Bittersweet = truth, Lavender = constancy.
Summary: For the prompt “ANYTHING AT ALL in which an outsider targets a post-hell or post-purgatory Dean as recently returned from active duty military.” I’m not sure if this is what you had in mind, but I hope you like it anyway! Takes place between 8.09 “Citizen Fang” and 8.10 “Torn and Frayed.”

Fic Rec: Through No Fault of His Own

Through No Fault of His Own

Author: ficwriter1966
Recipient: robinasnyder
Rating: PG
Length: 1494 words
Warnings: Spoilers for 8.23
Author’s Notes: For this prompt: Depowered Lucifer or Gabriel, or really any angel (not Cas) depowered and having to deal with that heartache. I don’t think a heartbroken Gabriel occurs to many of us, but I loved the idea, and happily, my muse cooperated!
Summary: The morning after The Great Fall, Gabriel (who’s once again in his own private Witness Protection Program) ponders what his life has become, and what lies ahead.

Fic Rec: Swerve

Because Carver didn’t give us satisfying answers to what really happened to Sam when Dean and Castiel disappeared with Dick Roman, there’s lots of speculation. This an interesting little crossover with Criminal Minds, and who doesn’t love seeing a Winchester get interrogated.

Title: Swerve
Recipient: allhailaugustus
Rating: PG
Warnings: brief mention of suicide ideation
Author’s Notes: Crossover with Criminal Minds

swerve (swûrv): to cause to turn aside or deviate: an abrupt change of direction.
During the year Dean’s in Purgatory, Sam ends up back in FBI custody.

Fic Rec: Cartharsis

This fic was an entry in the SPN summergen fic exchange, and there isn’t much about it that I don’t love, except that it could have benefited from a good beta. It starts immediately in the season 8 finale with Sam finishing the trials to close the gates of hell. Where it follows Dean into a dreamlike state rich with imagery and memories, hopes and fears. It’s one of those fics that makes me think that the fans have superior imaginations to the actual writers of the show.


Recipient: mymuseandi
Rating: PG-13 for fantasy-style horror
Wordcount: ~6,700
Warnings: Show levels of violence and horror
Author’s Notes: Takes place during and directly after 8X23, Sacrifice. It is an AU ending for that episode. Inspired by mymuseandi’s Prompt #2.
Summary: Sam finishes the trials, trapping Dean on an alternate plane where he must fight a battle that will change the Winchesters forever.

Fic Rec: Harness (Death’s own pale horses) and scholarly plough the sands

If you are missing Bobby and Rufus like I am, I think you’ll enjoy this fic, that shows how they met and leads nicely into the series itself. The author does an excellent job with the voices of both characters and establishing their relationship. It’s a nice little hunt story too.

Harness (Death’s own pale horses) and scholarly plough the sands,
or, The adventures of Bobby and Rufus in rural America
by reading_is_in
Rating: PG
Genre: Drama

Fic Rec: The Winchester Road

The Winchester Road

The Winchester Road is great story and art by meus_venator  over at LiveJournal. This is a post-apocalyptic fic set in alternate universe in which Sam didn’t drag Lucifer into the cage, and Michael presumably lost the face-off. As the story begins, Lucifer and his legions have moved on, their new battlefield heaven. He has left Earth a barren wasteland, he has also left behind the shattered shell that was once his vessel. This is a story of two brothers finding each other again at the end of the world and facing it’s passing together. It’s stark and violent, and maybe what Supernatural would be if it were rated R and even more fatalistic.

Initial concept based on the book and movie The Road.