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SPN Darkside: The Evolution of Sam Winchester



I’ve been thinking quite a bit lately about Sam’s evolution in the series. There are three points I want to touch on.

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SPN10.11: “There’s No Place Like Home” Review

Sam and Dean Winchester

Supernatural writer Robbie Thompson brought back his favorite girl genius in “There’s No Place Like Home” this week, and from my perspective at least, it benefited from a lack of angel, demons, and multiple storylines. I join fans critical of the interwoven storyline episodes like last week’s “The Hunter Games” as being too chopped up and frenetic. It’s like trying to watch the individual balls in a juggler’s act. By the end of the performance, it’s a success if he just managed to keep them in the air. Maybe, that’s the idea. (more…)

Meta Conference at DePaul University in May

DePaul conference graphic

DePaul University in Chicago will host A Celebration of Supernatural on May 9, 2015. This is an academic conference, not a fan convention. Presenters are currently being sought. For more information, visit the facebook page.

SPN 10.08: “Hibbing 911” Review

Dean Winchester

I want to like Jenny Klein’s “Hibbing 911.” I really do. There was a lot to be said for it. Jody Mills is one of my favorite recurring characters. She’s smart, resourceful, strong, caring, and pairing her up with Donna Hanscum, who was introduced in season nine’s “The Purge,” was a lot of fun to watch. Unfortunately, Klein also indulged in the kind of mythology revision which has become common Read more …

“The Purge” final scene: A Lesson in Miscommunication

Dean Winchester

I’ve been thinking about the fallout from the final scene in “The Purge” — fallout that’s being felt between Sam and Dean and within the fandom. Everyone seems to be focusing on that last exchange where Sam says he wouldn’t do the same for Dean. It got me thinking that Sam’s statement and how Dean took it might just be important within the overall conversation; so, I decided to take a look at the transcript and include some reaction as I go along. (more…)

Sam and Dean: Conflict Resolution or More of the Same

Kevin tells the Winchesters to get over it

It’s stupid

On the surface, Kevin’s comment to “get over it” seems to trivialize Sam and Dean’s issues, but his statement that his mom was taking home a ghost ought to put it in perspective. His mom will never hug him again or have any reason to cook is favorite meal or tell him to get some rest because he’s studying to late. She will probably watch him deteriorate into a vengeful spirit. From that perspective, maybe Sam and Dean’s fighting does look pretty trivial — not the issues itself, but the fact that they aren’t talking about it or working through the problem. Instead they are shooting verbal barbs at one another, getting under one another’s skin, and pretending that they are just hunting partners. That isn’t a solution. That’s alternately picking at the wound and hiding it under a dressing. It’s not healing it. (more…)

Death and Consequences: Those Selfish/Selfless Winchesters

Dean and Sam

We’ve all been giving Dean a rather hard time this season for the decision he made to trick Sam into allowing an angel to possess him. Much has been made by fans and Sam in “Road Trip” that he was willing to die. He was ready to die, he said. (more…)

Growing Up: How Sam May Have Seen It

So, this gif set got me thinking. For the first ten years or so of his life, Sam saw himself as the center of Dean’s universe. And why wouldn’t he? Dean was always there — from scraped knees to making dinner, chasing away nightmares to wiping runny noses, helping with homework to entertaining on rainy days. And then one day these random girls started appearing that Dean would look at and touch in a way that was bewildering and strange. It must have been inexplicable and hurtful. He must have felt lonely and abandoned when Dean clearly wanted to give his attention to some stranger instead of Sam. He’d chase Sammy out of the room with a “go do your homework” or leave him in a crappy pizza joint with clowns. Sam had to wonder what he’d done wrong. Maybe, Sam running away was as much a vie for Dean’s attention as it was an attempt to get away from hunting. Maybe leaving for Stanford was just a little bit because he felt abandoned first. Dean discovering girls had to have knocked Sammy’s world off its axis. I’m not saying Dean did anything wrong. He did what was entirely natural for a teenage boy, but to a little kid whose world was his older brother, it must have been hard. Dean didn’t get it because he’s never understood how important he was/is to Sam.


Dean Winchester, Responsibility, and Consequences

Dean's man pain

I’ve been thinking about where Dean might be emotionally and mentally after Gadreel told him that there is no more Sam and then walked off in his brother’s body in Holy Terror.


Remember when Supernatural was a mini-movie every week?

Dean in basement scene in Hell House.

I was doing some screen caps of the pilot and noticed something that others have brought up, which is how the style of filming has changed on Supernatural, particularly the last two seasons. So, I went through season 1 and just grabbed some random screen caps that I thought represented this change.

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