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SPN Darkside: The Evolution of Sam Winchester



I’ve been thinking quite a bit lately about Sam’s evolution in the series. There are three points I want to touch on.

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SPN_Darkside Sunday Discussion


Join me over at spn_darkside for Sunday Discussion:What’s Dead Should Stay Dead

The Return of Cole: What Makes a Monster?

Sam and Cole

There’s speculation that Cole may return in episode seven titled “Girls Girls Girls.” Whether that happens later rather than sooner, he is sure to make another appearance this season. (more…)

SPN10.06: “Ask Jeeves” review

Dean in the secret room with a lead pipe

It seems that the Supernatural writing team is trying their damnedest to show fans that they have watched the first five seasons of the series. After a musical episode filled with references to early seasons, including Adam in the cage and the amulet in last week’s “Fan Fiction,” this week’s Monster of the Week episode “Ask Jeeves,” penned by Eric Chamelo and Nicole Snyder, referenced everything from Bobby’s love of Tori Spelling to cougars’ lust for Sam. What is it about Sam that’s so appealing to mature society dames anyway? Read full review at Pareidolian Pointe.

SPN 10.05: Fan Fiction review

Chuck pronounces judgment

“Not bad.”


I’m going to be honest. When I heard that there was going to be a “musical-ish” episode in season ten, I anticipated second-hand embarrassment, but Robbie Thompson managed to poke fun at the show and fans while remaining respectful to both. Thompson achieved an affectionate spoof. That’s no small accomplishment when canon vs fanon becomes contentious as it does in “Fan Fiction.” Continue reading at Pareidolian Pointe.

“The Purge” final scene: A Lesson in Miscommunication

Dean Winchester

I’ve been thinking about the fallout from the final scene in “The Purge” — fallout that’s being felt between Sam and Dean and within the fandom. Everyone seems to be focusing on that last exchange where Sam says he wouldn’t do the same for Dean. It got me thinking that Sam’s statement and how Dean took it might just be important within the overall conversation; so, I decided to take a look at the transcript and include some reaction as I go along. (more…)

Gadreel: Dupe or Master Manipulator?

Gadreel gloats about imitating Sam


There is no more Sam

“No more stupid angels.” That’s what Metatron said to Gadreel as he talked him into being his being his loyal hitman or so it appeared. The question that keeps going through my mind is whether that statement is ironic or true. (more…)

On Sam’s Existential Crisis

Sam Winchester WIAWSNB

Sam Winchester

Kevin’s dead, Crowley’s in the wind … we’re no closer to beating this angel thing. Please tell me, what is the upside of me being alive? – Sam, “The Purge”

I’ve been thinking a lot about Sam’s ongoing existential crisis and his belief that by saving his life, Dean has caused more damage than benefit. Gadreel killed Kevin – that much is true – but both Castiel and Charlie are alive because of him. Now, Charlie was only at the bunker because of Sam, so her death and resurrection are kind of zero-sum game when it comes to Sam being alive. Castiel, on the other hand, would likely be dead if not for Sam’s possession. (more…)

Sam and Dean’s Normal Lives


beautiful loser

When season 6 opened with Exile on Main Street, Dean was shown in a montage that inter-cut black and white footage of him with Sam in with color footage of his life with Lisa and Ben. We saw him showing both Sam and Ben how to work on an engine. We saw him obviously troubled but comforted by Lisa. They had cook outs. He drank and checked warding around the house. He worked as a carpenter. We later learned that he went out for beers with the neighbor, Sid, and he played golf. (more…)

Sam’s Demon Blood Revisited

chris648  at spoilertv asks “Is It Time to Revisit the Demon Blood?”

It’s an interesting question because Sam’s demon blood was dropped in S6-7, and as pointed out, fans began to think that maybe it had somehow been purged at some point. We discovered in S8 that Sam had felt the stain of the blood since he was a child and that he was being purged of it during the trials. Since he didn’t complete the trials, we can assume that he still holds the demon blood in his veins.

There’s a lot of potential in revisiting the demon blood issue with everything that has happened. After having a vampire for a best bud, one would think that Dean might reconsider his feelings about Sam using his powers. It wasn’t Sam’s use of his powers that was evil. It was drinking demon blood and listening to Ruby that led Sam down the  wrong path. My feeling is that Sam’s powers aren’t inherently evil.

As chris648 says, it is time that Sam become an active participant in the narrative again, and using his powers in the upcoming battles with demons and angels might be an interesting way for that to happen.