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SPN Darkside: The Evolution of Sam Winchester



I’ve been thinking quite a bit lately about Sam’s evolution in the series. There are three points I want to touch on.

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SPN 10.07: “Girls Girls Girls” review

protective Sam

There was so much going on in this week’s episode, “Girls Girls Girls,” that I’m not sure where to begin. A new character, who’d been hinted at in an earlier episode, was properly introduced, another secondary character returned, and yet another exited. There were so many storylines interweaving, viewers could have gotten whiplash. That’s not to say that writer Robert Berens’ first episode of season ten wasn’t entertaining, he did manage to keep all his balls in the air. I didn’t find it entirely satisfying on second watch, however. Read more…

Carry On My Wayward Son

Sam Winchester

Dean Winchester

Sam and Dean listen to Carry On My Wayward Son, SPN 10.05, “Fan Fiction”

Sam and Dean: Conflict Resolution or More of the Same

Kevin tells the Winchesters to get over it

It’s stupid

On the surface, Kevin’s comment to “get over it” seems to trivialize Sam and Dean’s issues, but his statement that his mom was taking home a ghost ought to put it in perspective. His mom will never hug him again or have any reason to cook is favorite meal or tell him to get some rest because he’s studying to late. She will probably watch him deteriorate into a vengeful spirit. From that perspective, maybe Sam and Dean’s fighting does look pretty trivial — not the issues itself, but the fact that they aren’t talking about it or working through the problem. Instead they are shooting verbal barbs at one another, getting under one another’s skin, and pretending that they are just hunting partners. That isn’t a solution. That’s alternately picking at the wound and hiding it under a dressing. It’s not healing it. (more…)

Fic: Shame

Title: Shame
Author: likiel
Genre: gen
Characters: Dean (POV), Sam (POV)
Rating: G
Word Count: 1540
Summary: If shame had a face it would be mine, but if it had a home it would be your eyes.
Notes: “Shame” follows the last scene of the episode 9×13. First person talk, each brother’s POV. The quote of Shame is inspired by the song “Sick Carousel – Lifehouse.


Nine Seasons of Push and Pull Take a Toll

Sam and Dean from Hell House

Sam and Dean from Hell House

It’s heartbreaking seeing the men these boys have become. They bickered and fought and laughed. They protected each other, would and did give their lives for each other, but they were torn apart by the forces of heaven and hell. You have to wonder if they ever stood a chance. (more…)

Dean Winchester: Protector or Abuser

Dean saves baby Sammy
Dean saves baby Sammy

Now, Dean, go!

In response to all the posts I’ve seen the past few days that boil down to  “Dean Winchester is an abusive asshole whose sole motivation is controlling his brother” I say, “Go watch the pilot.”

At the age of four a helpless infant was put in his arms and he was told to run – save Sammy. He did. His big, strong hero of a dad failed to save their mother, but he saved his brother. Rather than take back that responsibility, John Winchester left it on Dean’s tiny shoulders. It was drummed into Dean day after day, year after year – take care of your brother, look out for Sammy – until it became his prime directive, his raison d’etre – call it what you will. When Dean says it’s what he is, it isn’t just some defensive excuse. He’s been programed to save Sammy. Considering the age it started, his brain may be hardwired that way. When added to the love he feels for Sam, how can he be expected to act differently? (more…)

Sam who?




It is sometimes difficult to reconcile the character called Sam Winchester in season nine with the boy who was introduced in season one. Re-watching those early seasons, we see someone full of life, snarky, rebellious, clever – brilliant even. As much as he wanted out of the hunting life, he enjoyed being with his big brother. He rolled his eyes at Dean’s lame jokes, but laughed with him too, sang with him, looked on him fondly and for protection and guidance, even as he insisted on making his own path. (more…)

Death and Consequences: Those Selfish/Selfless Winchesters

Dean and Sam

We’ve all been giving Dean a rather hard time this season for the decision he made to trick Sam into allowing an angel to possess him. Much has been made by fans and Sam in “Road Trip” that he was willing to die. He was ready to die, he said. (more…)

Sam and Dean’s Normal Lives


beautiful loser

When season 6 opened with Exile on Main Street, Dean was shown in a montage that inter-cut black and white footage of him with Sam in with color footage of his life with Lisa and Ben. We saw him showing both Sam and Ben how to work on an engine. We saw him obviously troubled but comforted by Lisa. They had cook outs. He drank and checked warding around the house. He worked as a carpenter. We later learned that he went out for beers with the neighbor, Sid, and he played golf. (more…)