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SPN 10.16: “Paint It Black” Review

Dean Winchester

If you haven’t seen “Paint It Black,” I’d recommend you read this spoiler filled review and save yourself forty-two minutes of boredom. At the very least, fast-forward through the two secondary plot-lines for Sam and Dean’s story. I don’t normally make recommendations like that, but “Paint It Black” was the third season ten episode from writing partners Brad Buckner and Eugenie Ross-Leming, and one can only hope the last. (more…)

Episode Review – Reichenbach

Good review from Hunting Muses

Hunting Muses

Alright, this time I have plenty of positive stuff to say, so I’m going to get all the negative about the episode out of the way up front.

  • You know I actually don’t mind Castiel and the angels, and might even defend them against the fandom that is claiming they’re a bunch of plot tumors trying to take over the show.  …Well two episodes in a row now are making it REALLY hard for me to keep playing defender.  A big part of the problem is that they’re not even making a token effort to bother EXPLAINING any of the angel plot.  Why can’t Castiel just take out the bad grace?  Why doesn’t he take Metatron’s grace?  Even if he doesn’t want to ingest it, he could at least remove it to keep the guy prisoner!  Why ain’t he at the bunker helping Sam?  What possible fallout could Cas &…

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That’s Why It’s Called Fiction!

derrida etcetera

As noted in the previous entry, tons of new material comes up basically as soon as I upload an episode, so here are some complementary notes, although I feel like those professors who make lists of suggested reading in the syllabus. It’s so endearingly hopeful of them.

0. Prologue

I have heard from many people that the introduction was confusing and hard to follow, but that doesn’t mean that the article about Gerard de Villiers that inspired it was. The description of the man’s study should be enough to entice:

He led me down a high-ceilinged hallway to his study, which also serves as a kind of shrine to old-school masculinity and kinky sex. I stood next to a squatting woman made of steel with a real MP-44 automatic rifle coming out of her crotch. “That one is called ‘War,’ ” de Villiers said…Classic firearms hung on the…

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Sam and Dean: Conflict Resolution or More of the Same

Kevin tells the Winchesters to get over it

It’s stupid

On the surface, Kevin’s comment to “get over it” seems to trivialize Sam and Dean’s issues, but his statement that his mom was taking home a ghost ought to put it in perspective. His mom will never hug him again or have any reason to cook is favorite meal or tell him to get some rest because he’s studying to late. She will probably watch him deteriorate into a vengeful spirit. From that perspective, maybe Sam and Dean’s fighting does look pretty trivial — not the issues itself, but the fact that they aren’t talking about it or working through the problem. Instead they are shooting verbal barbs at one another, getting under one another’s skin, and pretending that they are just hunting partners. That isn’t a solution. That’s alternately picking at the wound and hiding it under a dressing. It’s not healing it. (more…)

Dean Winchester: Protector or Abuser

Dean saves baby Sammy
Dean saves baby Sammy

Now, Dean, go!

In response to all the posts I’ve seen the past few days that boil down to  “Dean Winchester is an abusive asshole whose sole motivation is controlling his brother” I say, “Go watch the pilot.”

At the age of four a helpless infant was put in his arms and he was told to run – save Sammy. He did. His big, strong hero of a dad failed to save their mother, but he saved his brother. Rather than take back that responsibility, John Winchester left it on Dean’s tiny shoulders. It was drummed into Dean day after day, year after year – take care of your brother, look out for Sammy – until it became his prime directive, his raison d’etre – call it what you will. When Dean says it’s what he is, it isn’t just some defensive excuse. He’s been programed to save Sammy. Considering the age it started, his brain may be hardwired that way. When added to the love he feels for Sam, how can he be expected to act differently? (more…)

Come join me

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SPN S6: Did Gamble Get a Bad Rap?

Dean thinks he's in heaven

Of the nine and half seasons of Supernatural that have aired, I think that fans tend to disagree most on Season 6. Naturally, there were bumps in the road. It was the first season without Eric Kripke at the helm. Kripke had an over-arching plan for the first five seasons, and showrunner Sera Gamble went into Season 6 without that guidance. Fans gave her little leeway, certainly not the kind of wiggle room that Jeremy Carver got despite a much weaker beginning to Season 8. It was pretty obvious that the vitriol hurled at Gamble was not only out of line with the work she was doing but misogynistic and irrational. (more…)

SPN 9.07: Bad Boys review

the boys salt and burn a grave

Back to basics

Despite having written the excellent Mommy Dearest (6.19), I’ve raked Adam Glass over the coals for such poor episodes as Like a Virgin (6.12) and Freaks and Geeks (8.18), but I think he’s redeemed himself with Bad Boys. I’m not saying I don’t have a few issues with this week’s episode, but for me this was the strongest, most enjoyable episode of the season. In fact, I’d say it’s one of the best episodes since the end of season 6. (more…)

Supernatural Re-watch, S1E5: Bloody Mary

Fullmetal Feminist

The fifth episode to air, on October 11, 2005. I appear to have made a complete botch of my “Schedule Blog Posts” roll, but I’ve triple-checked Friday’s, and I think it should go out on time. 


At a tween sleepover in Toledo, we get the infodump on Bloody Mary, the monster of the week, through a game of Truth or Dare: say her name three times in a bathroom mirror, and she’ll appear to take your eyes and kill you. The girl does it, her friends scare her a little, there is squealing and a woken-up Dad. Dad hits the bog before heading back to sleep, and Bloody Mary shows up to, y’know, take his eyes and kill him. They have a cool effect on her showing up, where people walk around and in every reflection they walk past, she’s in it. Older sister (Donna) comes home, finds…

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