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SPN10.12: “About A Boy” Review

Dean Winchester

I’m going to admit that with “About a Boy,” Adam Glass nearly redeemed himself with me. I know that Glass can be an able writer. He wrote season six’s “Mommy Dearest,” but since then he’s gone on to write some very iffy episodes, including “Southern Comfort,” “Freaks and Geeks,” and “Bad Boys.” Even in otherwise good episodes, Glass has a tendency to mischaracterize Sam or make some unfortunate lore change. While I wasn’t crazy about fairytale basis for the storyline, especially right after another Oz episode, it did tie into the witch storyline with Rowena and served as a vehicle for exploring Dean’s Mark of Cain issues and brother bonding. (more…)


SPN 9.17: Mother’s Little Helper review

dean drinking


I have to admit to being pleasantly surprised by writer Adam Glass’ third outing of season nine, “Mother’s Little Helper.” Not only was Sam at no point tied to anything, but he actually behaved intelligently and acted as a competent hunter without his brother’s help. Misha Collins did a nice job directing. The pacing was good, and to the extent he had any influence, the performances by the lead and supporting actors were strong. The casting of the nuns, in particular, was spot on. Character actress Jenny O’Hara, who played Julia, was terrific as always.


SPN 9.12: Sharp Teeth review

Sam and Dean
Sam and Dean

Don’t be fooled they aren’t “together” together.

I’ve done all the household tasks I could think of to avoid writing this review. I’ve even considered not doing it at all, but I already screen-capped it. So, let’s get the surface stuff out of the way. “Sharp Teeth” is the second season eight episode written by Adam Glass, and like many of Glass’ MOTW episodes, it stars Hero Dean and his sidekick Constipated Sam in which Dean runs around killing monsters who have gotten the drop on his inept brother. (more…)