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Sam and Dean’s Normal Lives


beautiful loser

When season 6 opened with Exile on Main Street, Dean was shown in a montage that inter-cut black and white footage of him with Sam in with color footage of his life with Lisa and Ben. We saw him showing both Sam and Ben how to work on an engine. We saw him obviously troubled but comforted by Lisa. They had cook outs. He drank and checked warding around the house. He worked as a carpenter. We later learned that he went out for beers with the neighbor, Sid, and he played golf. (more…)


Sam Winchester’s Shaky Relationship With Normal

In an earlier post, I talked about Sam’s relationship with women. What I’m wondering is how his lack of having had a mother figure in his life has affected his relationship with women and his idea of “normal” life. The excerpt from that post below looks at the significant women in his life: (more…)

“I want my time here to count for something” or another wtf moment in S8

Discussion over the past couple of days has gotten me thinking about a scene that had me sputtering and yelling at the TV when it aired. It’s from Heartache (8.03). Sam and Dean are in the Impala:

Dean: I don’t know about you, but this last year has given me a new perspective.
Sam: I hear you. Believe me.
Dean: I know where I’m at my best, and that is right here, driving down crazy street next to you.
Sam: Makes sense.
Dean: Yes, it does.
Sam: Or… maybe you don’t need me. I mean, maybe you’re at your best hacking and slicing your way through all the world’s crap alone, not having to explain yourself to anybody.
Dean: Yeah, that makes sense, seeing as I have so many other brothers I can talk to about this stuff.
Sam: Look, I’m not saying I’m bailing on you. I’m just saying make room for the possibility that we want different things. I mean, I want my time to count for something.
Dean: So, what we do doesn’t count?
Dean’s phone rings. (more…)

Episode 8.01: What About Kevin?

Looking back at the way Sam behaved in Mystery Spot and when Dean was in Hell — he lost it, went off the rails. He was a danger to himself and others. He became a stone cold hunting machine, almost like soulless!Sam. So this time when Dean disappears, he shuts down emotionally. I think it was an unconscious defense mechanism to prevent him from becoming that dangerous killer. (more…)

Sam Winchester: Women, Normal Life, and Love

Sam and women: It all started with a mother he doesn’t remember, who loved but unintentionally cursed him, and died trying to save him. He was left with an obsessed, neglectful, abusive father, a brother who loves him more than his own soul, and a life of fear, violence and isolation. All he wants is the normal life his mother once represented. Women play a big role how that manifests itself. (more…)