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SPN 9.19: An Alex Annie Alexis Ann ramble or something

[I feel like I need to preface this post by saying that the Dean and Sam presented in the narrative since Jeremy Carver started as show runner are a distinctly different characters from those Eric Kripke created and developed in the first five seasons. While I chafe at how they’ve been molded into this new form, it is what it is. I’m working with what the narrative gives us, and it sometimes gives me a headache.] That being said …

vamp dude hanging around

I have to give writer Robert Berens credit for packing a lot of vampire lore into “Alex Annie Alexis Ann” and getting it right. Unlike some writers on the show in recent seasons, I felt as though he actually did his homework, and that’s a lot of studying. From the first vampire hunt we see the boys on with John in season one’s “Dead Man’s Blood” through Dean escaping purgatory with a vampire buddy in season eight, vampires have a long and varied history on Supernatural. Berens puts that to good use in this episode which brought the return of Sheriff Jody Mills. (more…)