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Supernatural (spoilers): The Spinoff Season 8

This explains it all …

First Blog Part 1

I’m halfway through season 8 and one thing I’ve noticed is that it seems like the Winchesters are traveling to other tv shows.

It started with  s08e12 “As Time Goes By”:

This episode introduces into the Supernatural pool more than another Winchester Grandpa, but introduces the Men of Letters. The Men of Letters, heretofore unmentioned because they were exterminated in 1958, were a missing component to the Supernatural universe: they were wizards. Prior to this season, there have been Anti-Christs, Psychics, and Witches, but never full-on Harry Potter wizards. The the Men of Letters are Mad Men meets Gandalf. Henry Winchester even gathers components for a spell including a feather of an angel and the sands of time. And where does he get these? From a magic store.

I’m not saying I didn’t enjoy it, but it feels like a late expansion to the universe that feels forced because they’ve…

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American Gods: Supernatural (spoilers) 5.19

Great look at the weaknesses in this less than popular episode.

First Blog Part 1

I recently watched season 5 episode 19 of Supernatural, “Hammer of the Gods”, and saw a number of gods enter the field. Quite rationally, they were concerned about the coming Apocalypse. The gods that were present were:

  • Baldur
  • Odin
  • Loki*
  • Kali
  • Ganesh
  • Hermes
  • Baron Samedi
  • Zao Shen

*Loki was also Gabriel, an Archangel.

There are three Norse gods, two Hindu deities, one Vodun deity, one Chinese deity, and one Ancient Greek deity. The larger number of Scandinavian gods is probably a conscious decision given that they are more well known in the USA than the other deities. You could also argue that, given that the bulk of the show is in the MidWest, that the Scandinavian gods might even have more of a sway.

Their interactions are not what you would expect. Odin, Baldur, and Loki never seem to acknowledge familial connections. Baldur is Odin’s son, and Loki is…

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Another Terrible Dean Moment: The Girl Next Door (6.21)

We love our Dean, but sometimes …

First Blog Part 1

Dean doesn’t kill anyone in this scene, he actually does something arguably worse. For context: Ben & Lisa are the mother and son pair that Dean spent time with during the period between season 5 and season 6. In season 6 Dean leaves them. Dean’s enemies eventually kidnap the pair, forcing Sam and Dean to swoop in to the rescue. During the course of the rescue, Lisa is gravely injured.

Dean calls in some angelic favors and gets her magically healed. But he then takes it one step further and magically erases Lisa and Ben’s memories of their time with him. He then leaves, feeling properly sorry for himself. When Sam calls out how screwed up this was, he threatens Sam with violence. How dare Sam question him?! 

My problem with this scene is twofold: first, Dean arranged this without the pair’s knowledge or consent. He basically brain damaged them…

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