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SPN 10.07: “Girls Girls Girls” review

protective Sam

There was so much going on in this week’s episode, “Girls Girls Girls,” that I’m not sure where to begin. A new character, who’d been hinted at in an earlier episode, was properly introduced, another secondary character returned, and yet another exited. There were so many storylines interweaving, viewers could have gotten whiplash. That’s not to say that writer Robert Berens’ first episode of season ten wasn’t entertaining, he did manage to keep all his balls in the air. I didn’t find it entirely satisfying on second watch, however. Read more…


SPN 9.02 Devil May Care: Dean Talks

Like the premiere last week, Devil May Care set up the coming season. It introduced or reintroduced to characters, what teams they are apparently on, and their places on the playing field, so to speak.

We’ve got a number of players on the field. The premiere introduced Ezekiel who appears to be on the Winchester’s side, although it’s yet to be seen exactly how his role will play out. We know after all that even angels with good intentions can cause havoc on a global scale. Speaking of which, Castiel is, according to Dean, “humanish” but still a player. It will be interesting to see if he senses Ezekiel is in Sam and how he reacts.


Episode 8.01: What About Kevin?

Looking back at the way Sam behaved in Mystery Spot and when Dean was in Hell — he lost it, went off the rails. He was a danger to himself and others. He became a stone cold hunting machine, almost like soulless!Sam. So this time when Dean disappears, he shuts down emotionally. I think it was an unconscious defense mechanism to prevent him from becoming that dangerous killer. (more…)