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SPN 9.08: Rock and a Hard Place

sleepy sam (more…)


SPN 9.04: Slumber Party review


Crowley is my spirit animal


Crowley pretty much sums up my feelings for Slumber Party, Robbie Thompson’s fourth episode in the Quirky Nerd Girl series. I’m still trying to think of something positive about this episode, so let’s start with the problems and maybe I’ll run across something positive as I go. Don’t hold your breath. (more…)

Fic Rec: Who Says Brother

I really like this one. Sammy uses his big-ass brain, and there’s not enough of that on the show these days.

Who Says Brother
by agelade

Rating:  Language
Category: Gen
Word Count: 4k
Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester
Other:  Written for Safiya’s prompt
Summary:  After a series of hunts gone wrong, inexplicably made right again, Sam starts to come to some conclusions.  A Season Nine quicktime fic.

AO3      Tumblr