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SPN 9.21: King of the Damned review-ish


You know there’s a problem with a show when you think, “Well, that could have been a lot worse,” but when the episode was penned by the writing team of Brad Buckner and Eugenie Ross-Leming, it’s a good thing. How sad is that? I have to say though that there were no PoCs in dog collars or major canon violations. So, they appear to be improving. I’m not suggesting that the writing was sophisticated or subtle. The dialogue was often ham-fisted, the characterization two-dimensional, and scenes cliched. (more…)


SPN 9.18: Meta Fiction review


Metachoad Theatre

In his third episode of the season “Meta Fiction,” writer Robbie Thompson gives the viewers a story about writing a story and asks who gives the story meaning, the writer or the reader/viewer. (more…)

Gadreel: Dupe or Master Manipulator?

Gadreel gloats about imitating Sam


There is no more Sam

“No more stupid angels.” That’s what Metatron said to Gadreel as he talked him into being his being his loyal hitman or so it appeared. The question that keeps going through my mind is whether that statement is ironic or true. (more…)

Review SPN 9.10: Road Trip

Crowley possesses Sam

hunter's funeral

I have to say that for me on first viewing “Road Trip” was the most enjoyable episode of the season. It was tightly written, well-paced, and balanced a highly dramatic story with in-character humor. The thing for me that made this such a strong episode was the focus on interaction between the characters. Most of that interaction was substantial whether between Dean and Castiel, Crowley and Sam, Sam and Dean, even those scenes that followed Gadreel helped drive the story. It was a character driven storyline, and I have to talk about a character who has sat too much in the background until now. Crowley. (more…)

Dean Winchester, Responsibility, and Consequences

Dean's man pain

I’ve been thinking about where Dean might be emotionally and mentally after Gadreel told him that there is no more Sam and then walked off in his brother’s body in Holy Terror.


SPN 9.09: Holy Terror review

angels are dicks

Yep, and the War in Heaven is now the war on Earth. Different factions of angels fighting for control of a place they’ve been booted out of. Metatron, the booter, is now lonely and wants to rebuild heaven with a chosen few – non-stupid and amusing angels. Um, yeah. Remember that. (more…)