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Dean’s Story Arc: Fairies and Vampires, Oh My!

Dean attacked by vampire

In the early seasons of Supernatural, Kripke did a fairly good job of following through on Dean’s emotional and narrative story arc. Dean started out idolizing his father and his slow realization that John was not the perfect hero to be modeling himself after to his disillusionment and final acceptance that John was human and fallible but “did the best he could.” He was the reluctant hero who took control of his fate and used his free will to save the world and himself while allowing his brother to finally sacrifice himself.  But there has been an increasing inability to follow through on Dean’s story arcs as the series has gone on, I think. (more…)


That Thing About Gordon Walker


I’ve read a few defenses of Gordon Walker, and I get it. I do. The poor guy saw his sister attacked by a vampire. He was traumatized by that. No one believed him when he told what happened. He went off and became a hunter who eventually encountered what had been his sister, and he had to destroy her. That’s pretty messed up. I can sympathize with that. (more…)

Trust and Intuition

interview w husband

That post about Gordon Walker got me thinking about Sam’s intuition about people. We talk quite a lot about how empathetic Sam is. He has an intuition about people. (more…)