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SPN 10.07: “Girls Girls Girls” review

protective Sam

There was so much going on in this week’s episode, “Girls Girls Girls,” that I’m not sure where to begin. A new character, who’d been hinted at in an earlier episode, was properly introduced, another secondary character returned, and yet another exited. There were so many storylines interweaving, viewers could have gotten whiplash. That’s not to say that writer Robert Berens’ first episode of season ten wasn’t entertaining, he did manage to keep all his balls in the air. I didn’t find it entirely satisfying on second watch, however. Read more…


SPN 10.02: Reichenbach Review

demon dean and cole

Andrew Dabb wrote the second episode of Supernatural season ten entitled Reichenbach, and I can almost forgive him for the disappointing season nine spin-off Bloodlines. Whether it was simply the editing or the script, “Reichenbach” was more smoothly told than the premier episode, “Black.” The narrative was neatly framed by Sam’s storyline – his torture at the hands Cole and his capture of his demon brother. Sam showed that he was willing to suffer not only a beating by Cole but the emotional punches of Dean to save him. More …

SPN 10.01: Black

demon dean

The season premier of Supernatural entitled “Black” was fast paced and wove together loosely connected storylines with demon Dean, Crowley, Sam, and Castiel. Included was some backstory of the previous six weeks since the end of season nine. Sam had been researching and torturing demons trying to locate his missing dead brother. Apparently, Castiel and Sam worked together briefly before Sam was injured due to Castiel’s weakening grace. Sam felt that he was just as well off alone and with a broken “wing.” And demon Dean has been howling at the moon with Crowley. (more…)