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SPN 10.02: Reichenbach Review

demon dean and cole

Andrew Dabb wrote the second episode of Supernatural season ten entitled Reichenbach, and I can almost forgive him for the disappointing season nine spin-off Bloodlines. Whether it was simply the editing or the script, “Reichenbach” was more smoothly told than the premier episode, “Black.” The narrative was neatly framed by Sam’s storyline – his torture at the hands Cole and his capture of his demon brother. Sam showed that he was willing to suffer not only a beating by Cole but the emotional punches of Dean to save him. More …



Jensen on playing Dean

“One of the many great things about working on the same show and playing the same character as long as I have is that the writers really get to know not just the character, they get to know the actor, they get to know … where I want to go because I talk about the character with Jeremy. I talk about the character with Bob. We play the ‘wouldn’t it be cool game’ all the time. So, I think they know like they don’t want to send Dean down a road that they know I’m not gonna like, that probably wouldn’t benefit the character. They’re protective of him, but I’m highly protective of him.” — Jensen Ackles