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SPN 10.23: “Brother’s Keeper” Pic Review


You made Mexican food for Death? Why do you never make it for me? Is Death your new BFF, Dean? First Cas, then Benny, now Death?! WTF, Dean? (more…)


SPN S10: The Road So Far

Sam and Dean Winchester

With the season ten finale just days away and the questionable “The Prisoner” [10.22] soundly in last week, I thought we’d look at the Road So Far” as they say and consider what has and hasn’t changed for the major players this season: (more…)

SPN 9.23: I Can’t Even

Sam and Dean

“What happened with you being okay with this?” “I lied.”


You know what, guys? I sat down to re-watch the season nine finale of Supernatural, and I just couldn’t. I wanted to finish what I started with this season’s reviews, but nope. I couldn’t bring myself to sit through it again – the recycling of previous seasons and predictable ending were just too much. And the sheer bad writing? Dean punching Metatron instead of stabbing him when he had the chance? Seriously?

And the fan service … Metatron accusing Castiel of breaking the angel tablet, the the most powerful instrument in the universe, not for the angels or humanity but for Dean, and Castiel not denying it? Sheer fan service. Carver reversing roles in a direct plagiarism of the Sam’s dying scene in “All Hell Breaks Loose II” was just lazy, blatantly manipulative writing. Seriously. Another recycled scene.

I can’t even imagine how infuriated the fans are who thought this season was all about the toxic Winchester family dynamic and how it was going to be addressed. Nope again. In the end, Sam was willing to go to extreme measures to save Dean. He even tried to summon Crowley. Would he have been willing to sell his soul? We’ll never know. It didn’t come to that. Those inclined to sit through the season ten crapfest may find out how far Sam is willing to go to get his brother back, but not me.

Season eight, they fooled me once; season nine, shame on me. Short of Kripke returning to pull the show’s ass out of the fire, I’m done. There’s nothing much left of the Gothic horror genre show about two brothers traveling the country together fighting monsters. I’ll go back to my re-watch of the original series.

Dean Winchester: Protector or Abuser

Dean saves baby Sammy
Dean saves baby Sammy

Now, Dean, go!

In response to all the posts I’ve seen the past few days that boil down to  “Dean Winchester is an abusive asshole whose sole motivation is controlling his brother” I say, “Go watch the pilot.”

At the age of four a helpless infant was put in his arms and he was told to run – save Sammy. He did. His big, strong hero of a dad failed to save their mother, but he saved his brother. Rather than take back that responsibility, John Winchester left it on Dean’s tiny shoulders. It was drummed into Dean day after day, year after year – take care of your brother, look out for Sammy – until it became his prime directive, his raison d’etre – call it what you will. When Dean says it’s what he is, it isn’t just some defensive excuse. He’s been programed to save Sammy. Considering the age it started, his brain may be hardwired that way. When added to the love he feels for Sam, how can he be expected to act differently? (more…)

Supernatural post-Kripke: Who is really in charge?

Reflecting on the past couple seasons, I can’t begin to say how disappointed I’ve been in the Carver Administration. I realize that it has a lot to do with how optimistic I felt when it was announced that Jeremy Carver was coming on board after the dismal Season 7. (more…)

“What’s Dead Should Stay Dead”

Remember when dying on Supernatural meant something? Mary’s death? It set the entire show in motion. Jess’s death? It brought the boys back together. John’s death? It solidified their relationship and put the responsibility for finding the YED on them. Part of what made those deaths significant was that they were permanent. Sure, we saw John and Mary briefly as ghosts, but we knew that they weren’t really coming back and more importantly so did the Sam and Dean. (more…)


“that thing that comes up”

“I think something we’re really reaching for, is each of our major characters — not just the boys [Jared Padalecki’s Sam and Jensen Ackles’ Dean], but Castiel and Crowley [Mark Sheppard] — are either dealing with an experience or have recently come through an experience, a la Crowley almost becoming human, which has really affected them in ways they maybe didn’t expect. And that’s not shoveled under the carpet — it’s a part of them now. Castiel as he’s becoming human, and the boys, Sam and Dean, are each going to have that thing that comes up. So we’re always trying to turn over a new dimension and new sides to our characters. I think we’re all really excited about taking a really strong character approach.” — Jeremy Carver [X]


Carver on S9

Carver also promised that “Supernatural” Season 9 will feature “smaller arcs” as opposed to the usual mix of standalone episodes and one ongoing mythology thread. “We’re really including some of our supporting characters in big ways this year,” he said. “We’re doing a lot more B and C stories than you’ve ever seen from the show before, and we’re really maximizing the new position that some of our favorite characters are finding themselves in.”[X]

Thoughts on Sam and Season 9

We’ve hardly seen anything but addicted, soulless, damaged, half-crazy, sick Sam for so long … Can we not have healthy, head on straight Sam for awhile? I want all in, on top of his game Sam. We saw him for a hot second in S8 when he first took on the trials, but of course that didn’t last.


the fright factor

I really miss Supernatural being scary. It used to be dark and creepy with unknown monsters just around the corner. Rarely do we get that these days. Generally we get predictable threatening demons or equally threatening angels, which for me are becoming kind of ho-hum to be honest.

Even worse, season 7 gave us the Sucracorp corporate offices. Baddies in business suits. A little creepy maybe but hardly terrifying. I get the premise. We should be frightened of faceless conglomerates that control our food. Monsanto, anyone?

Then S8 gave us Naomi officious middle manager in a sterile office. Yeah, yeah, the faceless bureaucrats who really run things according to some rote “this is how we’ve always done it/these are the rules” mentality. It’s the “a little power is a dangerous thing” premise. Again, creepy, but not terrifying.

No, Supernatural was scary when it was up close, dark and personal. It was frightening when the threat was close to the boys, when they were in haunted houses and asylums, in moonlit orchards and graveyards, when it was Sam and Dean against vampires and strigas not corporate moguls and petty bureaucrats.