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Fic Rec: We All Fall Down

Author: monicawoe
Rating: R
Genre: Gen AU
Wordcount: ~7,400
Warnings: violence, disturbing imagery, hallucinations
Summary: John Winchester made a deal to save Dean’s life. When that deal is unexpectedly broken, John has to face the consequences. His family is torn apart, his own mind starts to crack, and the Apocalypse begins.

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Supernatural: Violence Begets Violence

I’ve talked about the issue of abuse in other posts, but this is in response to a Tumblr post here, which argues that Dean was abused by John but Sam never suffered abuse. I beg to differ. (more…)

Unpopular Opinion: John Winchester

I wonder if those fans who love and respect John Winchester are more likely to be Dean fans and if that’s why it easier for them to accept his blind obedience to his father and why so many of them see Sam’s rebellion as ‘whiny’ and selfish.

Certainly my opinion of John increases my admiration for Sam who was a normal teenager who showed independence and a desire to make his own life. Sam was brave, I think, to stand up to his dad. Much as I love Dean, I see him as so beaten down and controlled by his dad that he was unable to have anything approaching normal.

I’m just just rambling, but I suspect I may be right — there’s probably a connection between how we view John and which brother we admire more. Any thoughts? (more…)

Sam & Dean: Soulmates


I know I’m not the first to discuss this, but despite what anyone may think, if you take sex out of the equation, Sam and Dean are OTP. It is canon, and it cancels out any other pairings within the confines of the show. Kripke says, it’s the “epic love story of Sam and Dean,” and he is Kripke/God after all. In Dark Side of the Moon, we learn they are soulmates, destined to be together for eternity in ‘Heaven. (more…)

Dean Winchester & the Burden of Pretty


More Daddy Issues and ‘What About Teh Gays?’

This piece is a response to a Tumblr post that said that Dean was feminized, “symbolically castrated,” by being the nurturer and caregiver in the family, and that made him fear women and intimacy. The post also talked about how every homosexual relationship in the series was shown as a joke or in a negative light. Below is my response, which is also a bit of companion piece to the Daddy Issues post about Sam and Dean.


Daddy Issues: Sam Winchester

Fans talk about Dean’s “daddy issues” all the time, but what about Sam? (more…)

Daddy Issues: Dean Winchester


I originally wrote a post on Tumblr about John and Dean’s relationship, and in it I wrote, John Winchester: Bad father or worst father ever? O.o (more…)