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SPN 10.20: “Angel Heart” Review

Sam, Claire, Castiel and Dean

After three relatively well-written, entertaining episodes, “Angel Heart” couldn’t have been much more of a letdown. A Monster of the Week episode that focused on Castiel’s relationship with the Novak family, it broke the pace of the build up to the season finale. (more…)


SPN 10.18: “Book of the Damned” Review

Sam, Dean and Charlie

“Book of the Damned” was season ten’s second episode starring writer Robbie Thompson’s inimitable Charlie Bradbury. Not only is Charlie smarter than Sam and as brave as Dean, she’s a crack shot,  fights like a ninja, sews up her own gunshot wounds, and “friends” like a pro. She’s amazing – to an unrealistic degree. One of the things that has made Sam and Dean’s story believable is that they were raised to be hunters. John raised them as soldiers, but Charlie learned it all mostly on her own in just three years or so – I guess it was the all that guerrilla warfare in Oz. (more…)

SPN 10.15: “The Things They Carried” Review

Sam and Dean Winchester


Supernatural returned from a short hiatus on a new night, Wednesday, with an episode penned by Jenny Klein. “The Things They Carried” saw the return of Cole Trenton who, at the beginning of the season, was set on killing Dean to avenge his father’s death but got a lesson in getting his ass whooped as well Monsters 101. Also returning, was a season six monster – the Kahn worm. For my money, the Kahn worm is perhaps the creepiest, most horrific monster the series has seen. If you don’t understand why, just Google parasites. (more…)

SPN10.14: “Executioner’s Song” Review

Sam and Dean Winchester


Writer Robert Berens hit it out of the ballpark this week on Supernatural. “The Executioner’s Song” not only saw the return of Cain (Timothy Omundson) and the First Blade, but it brought together several major players in season ten’s story arc. When Sam and Dean learned that Cain was set on wiping out entire families, both Castiel and Crowley came to their aid to vanquish the former Knight of Hell. (more…)