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SPN S10: The Road So Far

Sam and Dean Winchester

With the season ten finale just days away and the questionable “The Prisoner” [10.22] soundly in last week, I thought we’d look at the Road So Far” as they say and consider what has and hasn’t changed for the major players this season: (more…)


SPN 10.17: “Inside Man” Review

Dean Winchester

In contrast to what has been an often lackluster and disappointing season, “Inside Man” was well-paced and tightly writing by Andrew Dabb. From Sam reverently taking Bobby’s cap from his bag to Crowley’s showdown with Rowena, there were also some very satisfying moments (more…)

Meta Conference at DePaul University in May

DePaul conference graphic

DePaul University in Chicago will host A Celebration of Supernatural on May 9, 2015. This is an academic conference, not a fan convention. Presenters are currently being sought. For more information, visit the facebook page.

Put the Scary Back in Sexy

Remember when Supernatural was scary? When reapers were silent, relentless and creepy? When angels turned out to be vengeful spirits playing God? When the King of Hell tainted an infant’s blood, created and manipulated and army of special children, possessed John Winchester and used him to torment Dean?

Sam and Dean used to spend half their time in open graves, creepy basements, and abandoned factories. They fought vengeful spirits, vampires, angels, demons, djinn … you name it, they got bloody fighting it. These days Sam and Dean spend most of their time in tailored suits interviewing people and the rest tussling with angels, but even that has become old hat.

Reapers are just another kind of douchebag angel, angels like Naomi are bureaucrats, monsters like Dick Roman are just corporate sharks, and the King of Hell is a salesman. Our only hope for scary seems to be Abaddon. I actually find myself rooting for her, and I wonder what has become of our show.

Maybe I’m alone in this, but I doubt it. I want the scary back.

like father, like sons

Anonymous asked: I’m so confused how Dean can go on throughout his life without realizing the emotional and mental toll he has taken out on his brother. What do you think the writers are thinking when they continue to write Dean as uncaring and insensitive? I mean, to me, that’s how he comes across sometimes. His words differ from his actions, and it leaves Sam confused and in doubt about 99% of the time. I can’t imagine how Sam managed to live day by day.

Well, a couple of things here — Dean was as much Sam’s parent as brother when they were younger, and I think that parents tend to repeat the behavior that their own parents modeled for them. This is especially problematic for Dean because he was so young when he started being Sam’s caretaker, no more than a child himself with all of a child’s impulsiveness and immaturity and brother’s competitiveness and resentments and unconditional love. He did better in many ways than John did with him, but I still think he made a lot of the same mistakes. For example, while Dean is quick to point out Sam’s mistakes, he rarely tells him that he’s proud of him or that he has faith in him, which he obviously does because he’s told other people like Benny and the priest in S8. That’s John’s parenting style coming through. I don’t know that Dean knows how to say those things because his father never said them to him. The most obvious example of Dean “being John” was when he told Sam that if he left not to come back in AHBL1 WTLB1. (more…)

Sam & Dean: Soulmates


I know I’m not the first to discuss this, but despite what anyone may think, if you take sex out of the equation, Sam and Dean are OTP. It is canon, and it cancels out any other pairings within the confines of the show. Kripke says, it’s the “epic love story of Sam and Dean,” and he is Kripke/God after all. In Dark Side of the Moon, we learn they are soulmates, destined to be together for eternity in ‘Heaven. (more…)

Sam Winchester: A Room of His Own

A Tumblr conversation with Vennstiel on Sam Winchester and why even Dean doesn’t understand him. (more…)

Sexuality and Repression: A Tumblr Conversation

A Tumblr conversation regarding Sam and Dean’s sexuality and relationships, and I thought I would share it with whoever might be interested. This began as a response to a gif set of Sam, Dean, Castiel and Bobby entitled Team “Daddy Doesn’t Love Me.” (more…)

Dean Winchester & the Burden of Pretty


More Daddy Issues and ‘What About Teh Gays?’

This piece is a response to a Tumblr post that said that Dean was feminized, “symbolically castrated,” by being the nurturer and caregiver in the family, and that made him fear women and intimacy. The post also talked about how every homosexual relationship in the series was shown as a joke or in a negative light. Below is my response, which is also a bit of companion piece to the Daddy Issues post about Sam and Dean.