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SPN 9.22: Stairway to Heaven review

Sam and Dean at the bunker

The penultimate episode of season nine, “Stairway to Heaven” by Andrew Dabb was not the cheesefest that Dabb’s backdoor pilot “Bloodlines” was, but it certainly had its issues, not the least of which was lack of surprises. (more…)


SPN 9.18: Meta Fiction review


Metachoad Theatre

In his third episode of the season “Meta Fiction,” writer Robbie Thompson gives the viewers a story about writing a story and asks who gives the story meaning, the writer or the reader/viewer. (more…)

SPN 9.09: Holy Terror review

angels are dicks

Yep, and the War in Heaven is now the war on Earth. Different factions of angels fighting for control of a place they’ve been booted out of. Metatron, the booter, is now lonely and wants to rebuild heaven with a chosen few – non-stupid and amusing angels. Um, yeah. Remember that. (more…)