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SPN 10.18: “Book of the Damned” Review

Sam, Dean and Charlie

“Book of the Damned” was season ten’s second episode starring writer Robbie Thompson’s inimitable Charlie Bradbury. Not only is Charlie smarter than Sam and as brave as Dean, she’s a crack shot,  fights like a ninja, sews up her own gunshot wounds, and “friends” like a pro. She’s amazing – to an unrealistic degree. One of the things that has made Sam and Dean’s story believable is that they were raised to be hunters. John raised them as soldiers, but Charlie learned it all mostly on her own in just three years or so – I guess it was the all that guerrilla warfare in Oz. (more…)


SPN 10.05: Fan Fiction review

Chuck pronounces judgment

“Not bad.”


I’m going to be honest. When I heard that there was going to be a “musical-ish” episode in season ten, I anticipated second-hand embarrassment, but Robbie Thompson managed to poke fun at the show and fans while remaining respectful to both. Thompson achieved an affectionate spoof. That’s no small accomplishment when canon vs fanon becomes contentious as it does in “Fan Fiction.” Continue reading at Pareidolian Pointe.

SPN 9.18: Meta Fiction review


Metachoad Theatre

In his third episode of the season “Meta Fiction,” writer Robbie Thompson gives the viewers a story about writing a story and asks who gives the story meaning, the writer or the reader/viewer. (more…)