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SPN10.14: “Executioner’s Song” Review

Sam and Dean Winchester


Writer Robert Berens hit it out of the ballpark this week on Supernatural. “The Executioner’s Song” not only saw the return of Cain (Timothy Omundson) and the First Blade, but it brought together several major players in season ten’s story arc. When Sam and Dean learned that Cain was set on wiping out entire families, both Castiel and Crowley came to their aid to vanquish the former Knight of Hell. (more…)


SPN 9.19: An Alex Annie Alexis Ann ramble or something

[I feel like I need to preface this post by saying that the Dean and Sam presented in the narrative since Jeremy Carver started as show runner are a distinctly different characters from those Eric Kripke created and developed in the first five seasons. While I chafe at how they’ve been molded into this new form, it is what it is. I’m working with what the narrative gives us, and it sometimes gives me a headache.] That being said …

vamp dude hanging around

I have to give writer Robert Berens credit for packing a lot of vampire lore into “Alex Annie Alexis Ann” and getting it right. Unlike some writers on the show in recent seasons, I felt as though he actually did his homework, and that’s a lot of studying. From the first vampire hunt we see the boys on with John in season one’s “Dead Man’s Blood” through Dean escaping purgatory with a vampire buddy in season eight, vampires have a long and varied history on Supernatural. Berens puts that to good use in this episode which brought the return of Sheriff Jody Mills. (more…)