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Supernatural Re-watch, S1E5: Bloody Mary

Fullmetal Feminist

The fifth episode to air, on October 11, 2005. I appear to have made a complete botch of my “Schedule Blog Posts” roll, but I’ve triple-checked Friday’s, and I think it should go out on time. 


At a tween sleepover in Toledo, we get the infodump on Bloody Mary, the monster of the week, through a game of Truth or Dare: say her name three times in a bathroom mirror, and she’ll appear to take your eyes and kill you. The girl does it, her friends scare her a little, there is squealing and a woken-up Dad. Dad hits the bog before heading back to sleep, and Bloody Mary shows up to, y’know, take his eyes and kill him. They have a cool effect on her showing up, where people walk around and in every reflection they walk past, she’s in it. Older sister (Donna) comes home, finds…

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Supernatural Re-watch, S1E4: Phantom Traveller

I hadn’t really considered the theme of fear that runs through this one before and how it might connect with Sam. Hm…

Fullmetal Feminist

Fourth episode of the first season, air date October 4, 2005.  First appearance of demon-as-black-smoke, black-eyed demons, and DIY exorcism.


We start with a nervous flyer in a bathroom at an airport, where we see a wisp of black smoke (which we’ll pretend later we don’t notice is completely and totally different from every later instance of black smoke demons) entering his eyes (yeah, yeah).  When he boards the plane, he turns black eyes to the flight attendant, but she dismisses it as she carries on working.

Later, in flight, the man stands up and walks to the back of the plane.  One passenger notices him by the door, when the black-eyed man grabs the impossible-to-move handle on the inside of the door, opening it wide.  He is sucked out, and follows the door as it smashes the jet’s right elevator.  The plane goes into an immediate loss-of-control state…

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Supernatural Re-watch, S1E3: Dead in the Water

Fullmetal Feminist

Third episode of season one, original air date, September 27, 2005.


In Lake Manitoc, Wisconsin (the inevitable temperate rainforests of Wisconsin), we get a fairly gratuitous Jaws reference in the underwater shots of champion swimmer Sophie Carlton, before she’s snatched under the water and disappears.  Fade to black, and find Dean going through the obits hunting for weirdness.  A Penthouse-Forum version of a waitress hands over the bill to the boys, then wiggles away so she can be objectified by Dean.  He even explicitly calls her “that”.  Way to go, Dean.

Turns out the dead woman’s the third drowning victim this year in the lake, none of whose bodies were found.

Off to Wisconsin, where Agents Ford and Hamill show up to investigate the disappearance.  The local plod says they swept the lake with dragging and sonar, and found nothing.  Also, the lake’s going away soon, because the dam’s…

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Supernatural Re-watch, S1E2: Wendigo

Fullmetal Feminist

Second episode of the show to be aired, September 20, 2005. 


The teaser gives us a park in Colorado – the temperate rainforests of Colorado, of course – where a group of young men are camping backcountry, but not so far back that one of them can’t be sending his daily video home.  Others are playing with their handheld games.  Soon, scaryfast shadow-monster (mmm, cheap effects, chuckles the producer to himself, and fingers his BMW keys), and bye-bye, dude.  Brad, we hardly knew ya.

At least he got a name.

Cut to Palo Alto, and Sam in a nice suit approaching a gravestone marked for his fridged girlfriend (hey, hero’s gotta have a reason to hero, right?).  He’s got flowers.  While he woobies about the pain of surviving her untimely and Sam-related death, a dirty hand rises Carrie-like out of the ground, grabbing Sam by the wrist.


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