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Sam who?




It is sometimes difficult to reconcile the character called Sam Winchester in season nine with the boy who was introduced in season one. Re-watching those early seasons, we see someone full of life, snarky, rebellious, clever – brilliant even. As much as he wanted out of the hunting life, he enjoyed being with his big brother. He rolled his eyes at Dean’s lame jokes, but laughed with him too, sang with him, looked on him fondly and for protection and guidance, even as he insisted on making his own path. (more…)


SPN 9.04: Slumber Party review


Crowley is my spirit animal


Crowley pretty much sums up my feelings for Slumber Party, Robbie Thompson’s fourth episode in the Quirky Nerd Girl series. I’m still trying to think of something positive about this episode, so let’s start with the problems and maybe I’ll run across something positive as I go. Don’t hold your breath. (more…)

Review: I’m No Angel (SPN 9.03)

the boys torture a reaper

As I mentioned in the review of Devil May Care (9.02), the first three episodes of Season 9 appear to be a trilogy to set up the playing field and show the players positions on it. In the first episode, we saw inside Sam’s head and Ezekiel was introduced who also now inhabits Sam’s body. The second episode gave us more about Dean and reintroduced Abaddon, Crowley, and Kevin. In I’m No Angel, we got more on how Castiel is dealing with the loss of his grace, but also gave us a lot more on Ezekiel and Dean. (more…)

SPN 9.02 Devil May Care: Dean Talks

Like the premiere last week, Devil May Care set up the coming season. It introduced or reintroduced to characters, what teams they are apparently on, and their places on the playing field, so to speak.

We’ve got a number of players on the field. The premiere introduced Ezekiel who appears to be on the Winchester’s side, although it’s yet to be seen exactly how his role will play out. We know after all that even angels with good intentions can cause havoc on a global scale. Speaking of which, Castiel is, according to Dean, “humanish” but still a player. It will be interesting to see if he senses Ezekiel is in Sam and how he reacts.


SPN 9.01: I Think I’m Gonna Like It Here

Dean sits at Sam's bedside

There was a lot going on in the Season 9 premiere, and from a structural standpoint, I think that Carver did a good job with this episode. He was telling two related stories. One was Castiel getting a taste of what it is to be human and learning that his fellow angels were out to get him. The other was Dean trying to save Sam while dealing with angels who were looking for Cas. I’m guessing that about halfway through the ep, Cas actually calls Dean and explains to him that he wants to help but he’s lost his grace and it will take him some time to get to him. The two stories were nicely balanced in a back and forth narrative form. (more…)