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SPN 9.15: Thinman review

Sam and Dean and beer

Sam and Dean and beer

Ghostfacers, Ed and Harry, were back trading barbs and challenges in this week’s “Thinman” [9.15], and while on the surface the self-titled “supernaturalists” were the same arrogant, clueless team as in the past, there was trouble in paradise. Harry was cyber-stalking his ex while Ed tried to distract him with the case. Overtones of early season eight Sam and Dean? You betcha. In fact my initial reaction to this episode was that the parallels were painfully heavy handed, but maybe that’s what Dean needed to begin to see the validity of Sam’s anger and hurt. (more…)


Fic: Shame

Title: Shame
Author: likiel
Genre: gen
Characters: Dean (POV), Sam (POV)
Rating: G
Word Count: 1540
Summary: If shame had a face it would be mine, but if it had a home it would be your eyes.
Notes: “Shame” follows the last scene of the episode 9×13. First person talk, each brother’s POV. The quote of Shame is inspired by the song “Sick Carousel – Lifehouse.


SPN 9.06: Heaven Can’t Wait review

Sam and Dean on the phone

At the end of Heaven Can’t Wait (9.06), my watching partner, whom some of you know as Scruffy, turned to me and said, “Wow, the show has really lost its focus and momentum.” He couldn’t be more right. Last night’s episode is a perfect example of why – Sam and Dean were bit players in what used to be their story. Instead, Heaven Can’t Wait was about Castiel and Crowley. (more…)

SPN 9.05: Review Dog Doo Afternoon

Sam and Dean in the bunker

Dog Dean Afternoon, written by Eric Charmelo and Nicole Snyder, (to give credit or blame where it’s due) started out with the boys in the bunker and then … (more…)