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I referenced Monster’s Ball right in the script. We were asking ourselves, “Where’s the lowest place Sam can go in a state of despair?” That’s why calling it a love scene strikes me as hilarious. It’s kind of like self-mutilating and calling it getting dressed for the prom.

— Sera Gamble on Sam and Ruby’s sex scene


SPN S6: Did Gamble Get a Bad Rap?

Dean thinks he's in heaven

Of the nine and half seasons of Supernatural that have aired, I think that fans tend to disagree most on Season 6. Naturally, there were bumps in the road. It was the first season without Eric Kripke at the helm. Kripke had an over-arching plan for the first five seasons, and showrunner Sera Gamble went into Season 6 without that guidance. Fans gave her little leeway, certainly not the kind of wiggle room that Jeremy Carver got despite a much weaker beginning to Season 8. It was pretty obvious that the vitriol hurled at Gamble was not only out of line with the work she was doing but misogynistic and irrational. (more…)

“What’s Dead Should Stay Dead”

Remember when dying on Supernatural meant something? Mary’s death? It set the entire show in motion. Jess’s death? It brought the boys back together. John’s death? It solidified their relationship and put the responsibility for finding the YED on them. Part of what made those deaths significant was that they were permanent. Sure, we saw John and Mary briefly as ghosts, but we knew that they weren’t really coming back and more importantly so did the Sam and Dean. (more…)