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SPN10.13: “Halt & Catch Fire” Review

Sam and Dean Winchester


Supernatural returned to its roots with a vengeful spirit hunt in “Halt & Catch Fire,” but writers Eric Charmelo and Nicole Snyder gave it a new techno twist. Dean was at his best protecting the lone survivor while Sam used his brilliant mind to figure out that the ghost of an accident victim was haunting the local wifi. It was a fast paced and enjoyable plot. As with the past couple of episodes, there was no interwoven plot, which allowed more focus on the lead characters both together and with side characters. (more…)


SPN10.12: “About A Boy” Review

Dean Winchester

I’m going to admit that with “About a Boy,” Adam Glass nearly redeemed himself with me. I know that Glass can be an able writer. He wrote season six’s “Mommy Dearest,” but since then he’s gone on to write some very iffy episodes, including “Southern Comfort,” “Freaks and Geeks,” and “Bad Boys.” Even in otherwise good episodes, Glass has a tendency to mischaracterize Sam or make some unfortunate lore change. While I wasn’t crazy about fairytale basis for the storyline, especially right after another Oz episode, it did tie into the witch storyline with Rowena and served as a vehicle for exploring Dean’s Mark of Cain issues and brother bonding. (more…)

SPN10.11: “There’s No Place Like Home” Review

Sam and Dean Winchester

Supernatural writer Robbie Thompson brought back his favorite girl genius in “There’s No Place Like Home” this week, and from my perspective at least, it benefited from a lack of angel, demons, and multiple storylines. I join fans critical of the interwoven storyline episodes like last week’s “The Hunter Games” as being too chopped up and frenetic. It’s like trying to watch the individual balls in a juggler’s act. By the end of the performance, it’s a success if he just managed to keep them in the air. Maybe, that’s the idea. (more…)